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Breeder Programs & Services

Whether you’re breeding your first litter or next Best in Show winner, we offer invaluable resources for dog breeders, including up-to-date information, ongoing educational programs and more:

Litter Registration

Show you are a responsible breeder and that your puppies meet breed standards! When you register your litters with the Caninehq, you get a Registration Certificate for each puppy from the litter and you also set them up for eligibility to compete in Caninehq sports and events.

Breeder Prepaid

With Prepay you can pay for and edit puppy information for all the puppies in your litter. You can also transfer puppies and view their registration status, all from within the Manage Litters option in Breeder Toolkit.

Registered Kennel Names

Service for Active Breeders to protect their eligible kennel names from unauthorized use.

Kennel Name Registration


Listing your litter in our Marketplace is a win-win: You gain visibility in front of millions of dog lovers looking to add a new puppy to their family — and you get to show off your adherence to our standards and regulations.

Find homes for your puppies.

Register a Puppy

Permanently record your puppy’s place in breed history, and gain access to resources and services for every stage of your dog’s life.

Register a puppy.

Breed Health Testing Requirements

To assist breeders in fulfilling the Parent Club recommended health testing requirements, AKC has compiled the requirements for each breed in one place, organized by group.

View all Breed Health Testing Requirements.

Breeder Toolkit

Available free for all AKC breeders, Breeder Toolkit is the easiest way to centralize your records for litter and puppy registration data. It combines everything you need in one location. Easily access AKC applications, manage your dog and litter records and online reports by logging into your account. Another exciting addition to the Breeder Toolkit is online Litter Coupons. View the number of pups registered from each litter, as well as the percentage of registered pups.

Access Breeder Toolkit here.