Do You Tip Dog Groomers?

Big or small, fluffy or sleek all dogs can benefit from professional grooming. If your pup’s first grooming appointment is just around the corner you’re probably wondering do I need to tip, and how much should I tip my puppy groomed?

As with any other service, tipping a dog groomer is optional and depends on the quality of the service. Having said that, a standard tip is 15 to 20 percent of the total cost. But you can always tip more if they did an exceptional job and accommodated your pup’s squirming or special health needs.

Read on to find out more about dog groomers and why you should tip a person who is bathing, grooming, and trimming your dog’s hair!

Is It Necessary to Tip Your Dog Groomer?

Tipping pet groomers is optional, just like with any other service. It’s completely up to you to decide whether or not to tip your groomer.

Though most groomers don’t expect to be tipped, tipping is always appreciated! 

If your groomer went above and beyond to accommodate your dog or if you had particular requests about the hairstyles, you should leave a tip. This will show the groomer that you are satisfied with the service and appreciate their effort. 

However, if you aren’t happy with the service or your dog seems scared or uncomfortable after the groom, you should raise a complaint with the staff instead of just withholding the tip. 

If the clip isn’t right, talk with the groomer and see if they can do something about it. Or if your pooch needs more TLC or comfort, speak with the staff so they can do those things differently next time. 

How Much Should You Tip Your Groomer?

You Tip Your Groomer

How much should you tip your groomer can vary a lot and depends on the area you live in and your financial situation.

If you decide to pay with a card, you have an option to leave a 10, 15, and 20 percent tip, if you want to tip a dog groomer. However, if you pay with cash, you may find it convenient to leave a $10 or $20 bill. 

Either way, you should tip whatever you are comfortable with and don’t feel obliged to spend extra if you can’t. 

How to Calculate Tip to Your Dog Groomer?

A standard dog grooming tip is 15 to 20 percent of the total cost of the grooming session. But, if you’ve taken your dog for a quick nail trim or another not costly service, you should consider leaving a $2 tip at a minimum. 

If you decide to calculate how much you want to tip by yourself, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. The first and most important thing you should take into account is how easy it was for a groomer to control and work on your dog.

If you know your dog isn’t fond of bathing and brushing and that grooming them can be a challenge, you should take that into account when calculating the tip for your groomer.

Furthermore, you should factor in the amount of work your groomer needs to perform to get your dog into tip-top condition. If your groomer spent a lot of time and went an extra mile working on your dog to make them look amazing, consider tipping more in that case. 

What If You Can’t Afford to Tip?

Many people live on tight budgets. So don’t feel ashamed if you can’t afford to tip! 

Remember, tipping is optional! If you like the groom, but don’t have a budget to tip there are other ways you can show appreciation. 

Sometimes, a simple “I love it!”, or “You did an amazing job!” can be as uplifting to the groomer as a generous tip. 

If you’re really satisfied with the groomer, you can tell your friends about them and the excellent service they provide. Or simply tag the groomer or the grooming salon on the picture of your freshly groomed dog on Facebook or Instagram.

At the end of the day, your groomer will appreciate all the new potential clients you send their way, far more than any tip! 

Why Pay for Dog Grooming but Can’t Afford to Tip?

A lot of people may wonder why someone on a small budget is paying a professional groomer. While this may seem like a splurge to some, having an ungroomed dog can cost way more in the long run.

Unkempt dogs have matted hair pulling at their skin which can cause skin irritation and sores. These pooches may have trouble going potty which leads to bacterial buildup and disease. 

The matted fur will trap moisture, oils, and dirt on the surface of the skin, making a dog itchy and affecting its overall health (source). At some point, a dog will have to go to the vet, who will probably have to shave the matted fur to treat the skin. 

Having a small budget with no room for tips is one thing, but not grooming your dog is another story that’s going to cost you in the long run. 

How Often Do Groomers Get Tipped?

How Often Do Groomers Get Tipped

The answer to this question varies from one groomer to the next and depends on a lot of factors. 

Not so many years ago, many dog owners didn’t tip their groomers, even if they did an outstanding job. However, the tides are turning and some groomers get tips from around 70 or 80 percent of their customers. 

Keep in mind that things like economic slowdowns or upswings and global pandemics can affect the tipping trends. But that’s completely understandable and expected.

As mentioned earlier, a tip is a great way to show the groomer they are on the right track. But, if you can’t afford to tip, your groomer will always appreciate some honest feedback.  

Do Dog Groomers Rely On Tips?

According to an independent study, an average dog groomer salary in the United States is $34,280 (source). Exactly how much a dog groomer will earn depends on a lot of factors including the steady stream of regular clients.

For many groomers, some weeks are filled with appointments and bustling with activity, while others are really slow and unprofitable. In most cases, tips help bridge the gap and make these slow weeks manageable. 

As with any other service profession, some days, or weeks are better than others so it’s safe to say groomers are very appreciative of tips on bad days. 

Nowadays, a typical full-time groomer is more likely to work for a commission from each appointment rather than hourly pay. But that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate being tipped for a job well done.

Having a majority of clients that tip can be very uplifting and motivate the groomer to put in the extra effort next time you bring your pooch for a grooming session. 

How Much Do Groomers Make Per Dog?

As with any other industry, the best groomers will charge higher prices and therefore, receive higher tips. Most dog groomers typically charge extra for any additional services like nail clipping, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, and teeth brushing.

Having said that, based on what you and your pooch are looking for you can expect to pay between $35 and $150 for professional grooming services.  

In the United States, most grooming salons use a commissioned pay structure. This means that the business pays a groomer a commission for every dog they complete. 

The commission ranges from 30 to 60 percent, depending on the business and the groomer’s skill with the average being around 50 percent. 

The percentage of commission alone doesn’t determine how much a groomer will make per dog. Some dog grooming salons are paying 30 percent commission and their groomers are making $15 per hour, whereas, another salon pays 50 percent commission, but their groomers are making $12 per hour. 


When mulling over how much to tip a dog groomer, consider how much you would tip for any other service. While tipping is optional, the standard tip is around 15 to 20 percent of the total cost. 

However, if the groomer went above and beyond your expectations and accommodated your dog’s special needs you can show your appreciation by spending extra on a tip. 

On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget and don’t have extra money to spare, honest feedback and a simple “You did a wonderful job!” will motivate your groomer as much as a tip. At the end of the day, most breeders prefer having regular customers that don’t leave tips rather than a one-time customer who felt obliged to spend extra.

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