Korean Dog Commands – Teaching Your Dog Korean Commands!

Korean Dog Commands

Whether you have a Korean dog breed or not, your dog can benefit from learning Korean dog commands. Training a dog in a different language is becoming increasingly popular and can even be less confusing than using English obedience commands.  But, do dogs understand Korean? Dogs can understand Korean and other foreign languages without any … Read more

Russian Dog Commands – Teaching My Dog Russian Commands

Russian Dog Commands

All dogs should start learning basic obedience commands from a young age. Training dogs’ commands in foreign languages are increasingly popular among dog owners. If you want to keep the training interesting and mentally stimulating for your pet, try training them in basic Russian commands.  So, how do you say sit in Russian to a … Read more

Dutch Dog Commands: How to Train your Dog in Dutch

Dutch Dog Commands

“Stop…sit…stay…good dog.” A common set of phrases to hear around dogs, but one doesn’t often think about dogs in different countries. Are non-English dogs trained differently from their English compatriots? The question is a good one, so let’s explore dog training in a different language. How do I teach my dog in Dutch? You can … Read more

How Long Does It Take for a Puppy to Learn No?

how long does it take for a puppy to learn no

The command “no” is one of the essential commands a young puppy will learn. If you mean “no,” it’s usually to keep them out of trouble, whether they completely understand why or not, but how long will it take them to respond appropriately? The amount of time it takes to learn the command “no” could … Read more

How to Teach a Dog to Roll Over

How to Teach a Dog to Roll Over

We’ve all heard the common saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Usually pertaining to people who are too stubborn in their ways to try something new, the all too familiar phrase carries some truth – but that doesn’t mean it’s always an adage to follow. Dogs, just like people, need both mental … Read more

How to Teach a Dog to Stay

How to Teach a Dog to Stay

If you’ve recently adopted a puppy, your furry little pal likely follows you everywhere.  Wherever you are, he wants to be. And, he probably has a bit of trouble holding still, too. Puppies are just like little kids – staying in one spot for any amount of time is, for them, seemingly impossible.    But, teaching … Read more