Can Dogs Taste Spicy Food? Do They Like It?

Can Dogs Taste Spicy Food

Doesn’t your heart just melt when your furry bud looks at you with those sad, puppy eyes, asking for a taste of that burrito you’re eating? Dogs are curious beings, especially when it comes to whatever their master is doing—or eating. While it will have been effortless to give in to what your dog wants, … Read more

Teaching a Dog Its Name

Teaching a Dog Its Name

Picking out a name for your dog is an exciting process for any new pet owner. Whether his name is Rover or Rex, your dog’s name will become a part of who he is.  Dogs are brilliant creatures, and they will learn their names quickly with a little help. Dogs need to be continually reminded … Read more

How to Discipline a Puppy with Love and Care

how to discipline a puppy with love

Puppies and kittens are always near the top for the world’s cutest animals, but they are not just cuddles, yelps and adorable antics. Young animals require love, protection, and boundaries to grow up into healthy and respectful pets. So the training has to start quite early, but knowing when and how to begin is a … Read more

How Much Do Dog Trainers Make?

How Much Do Dog Trainers Make

The job outlook for dog trainers is on the rise as many owners look for guidance on raising their pets. If you’re a dog owner with experience training dogs, you might be considering turning your skills into a profitable career. So how much do dog trainers make? A dog trainer’s salary will depend on several … Read more

Ways Your Dog Asks for Help: 6 Things Your Dog Might Be Trying to Tell You

Ways Your Dog Asks for Help

The idea that your dog is talking to you – let alone that you might listen and understand – may seem utterly ludicrous. Dogs don’t talk! Well, they can’t conjugate irregular verbs, but dogs do use a complex combination of physical and vocal cues that more or less amounts to language. How do dogs ask … Read more

Do I Qualify for a Service Dog?

Qualify for a Service Dog

For many people, reaching out to ask for help when facing visible or invisible disabilities is the most challenging thing in the world. A feeling of hopelessness, and helplessness, is part of the dilemma, not to mention the shame that is inevitably linked to requiring assistance.  Do I qualify for a Service Dog? To determine … Read more