Under Bowl Dog Pad

At home I have a German Shepard named Paris. He’s the best dog, big, goofy, sweet with ABSOLUTELY everyone, but at the same time he’s protected me from bears and late-night disturbances. His only issue – he loves drinking a TON of water, and he loves doing so rather “sloppily.” When it comes to food, honestly I’m the messier one – sometimes dropping some of his kibbles around his bowl or floor. But he always cleans up every morsel and eats rather slowly and quietly.

While eating, he’ll actually stop occasionally to see what I’m up to and to make sure I’m safe. An absolute sweetheart – and clearly not protective over his food if other animals are around. But there’s one problem…

He is very sloppy with his water bowl. He gulps it up quickly and messily and for a long time it was splashing all over the flood.

Under Bowl Dog Pad

That’s where the under bowl dog pad came in. Similar to the pads we use for standing in the kitchen (same material) I purchased the following under bowl dog pad. My current setup is about a foot high stand with both his dog food and water bowl side by side. I simply slipped this under bowl dog pad beneath the stand, and its done a wonderful job protecting the wood flooring.

Since adding this I don’t have any more water hitting my nice hardwood floors and simply give it a rinse and quick wipe with a soapy towel/sponge to clean it up weekly or every other week.