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CanineHQ is a dog & puppy informational resources for owners at all stages of dog ownership & care. We specialize in providing content, information, reviews and resources for dog owners. Additionally we’re a great resource to find dog breeders, dog trainers, and veterinary services for dogs & puppies throughout the United States. 

Objective & Mission

CanineHQ’s mission is to provide the world’s best information and resources to dog owners worldwide. This includes information and videos on dog training, dog health information, tips and tricks as well as reviews of the latest and greatest dog products for your canine loved-one. We have a passion for dogs. They truly make a house a home and are often our best friends – and we want to make the process of finding information on your dog as easy as possible. 

Within the next 5 years we’ll be transforming CanineHQ into the world’s largest information resource for dogs, and have plans to partner with dog breeders, insurance companies, product companies worldwide connecting our 5,000,000+ user audience to the quality products and services they’re looking for – often right in their backyard. 


Core Values

Dogs Are Family

At CanineHQ, we welcome dogs to our literal HQ. We love our animals and know they deserve love and attention. Our information will always be honest and never written by 3rd parties.

Everyone Should Experience the Love of a Dog

Cat owners are just plain weird aren’t they 😉 just kidding! We love our cat friends (we just wish we weren’t allergic). Seriously though, everyone should experience the love of a dog!

100% Transparency

Should we be reviewing a product and receive any kind of compensation we’ve developed a process for it not to sway our honest review and will always be 100% upfront about all paid relationships. 

The Current Market is Fractured

We’re working on bringing the WHOLE dog industry under one roof – from information like we already offer to (in the future) a massive database with vets, insurance companies, and other services. 

We're Here For You (and Your Dog)!

We provide timely, helpful content for our visitors that we too find helpful. We’re ultimately here to make your ownership and companionship as smooth, loving, and full of joy as possible.