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37 Corgi Mixed Breeds – UPDATED FOR 2023!

Corgis are an increasingly popular dog breed due to their loyal nature, small size, and all around cuteness.

Over the years, many great Corgi mixed breeds have also shown up on the scene, and the list below will help you find just the right one for you and/or your family.

We think these are the best corgi mixed breeds out there! If we’ve missed one, let us know 🙂 or mention in the comments which one you like best!

Corgi Mixed Breeds you will love!

Corgipoo – Poodle x Corgi Mix

Corgipoos are a mix between a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a Poodle.

Created from 2 AKC Recognized Breeds, they are classified as a Design Dog Breed although they are not officially recognized by the AKC or other international organizations.

The hypoallergenic coat of the poodle combined with the intelligence common to both breeds make this a desirable Corgi Mix.

Corgski – Husky x Corgi Mix


Breeding a Husky with a Corgi results in the mix known as Corgski.

The energy level and independent spirit of a Husky are apparent in this mix, so be prepared to take this dog for a lot of exercise! If you live an active lifestyle, a Corgski will be able to keep up quite well.

This breed looks very much like an elongated Husky, if you can picture that!

Corgidor – Labrador x Corgi Mix

Labrador x Corgi

The Labrador/Corgi Mix is known as Corgidor.

This cross breed attempts to capture the much loved qualities of the Labrador – stability, self-control, all around good family dog – and the desirable elements of a Corgi – smaller size, happy disposition.

A good choice for the person looking for a Labrador-like dog with a unique appearance and smaller size.

Corchi – Chihuahua x Corgi Mix


As you’d expect with the Chihuahua/Corgi Mix, the breed is quite small.

Borrowing traits from the Chihuahua side, this mix is quite energetic, but also possessive of their human.

As such, this breed isn’t recommended for multi-dog households.

While the happy disposition of the Corgi can shine through, the Chihuahua “bossy” side can also be a dominant trait in this mix.

Corman – German Shepherd x Corgi Mix


German Shepherd/Corgis are referred to as Cormans.

Dominant trait for this mix would be the herding instincts of both parent breeds, along with the intelligence that is common to both breeds.

These dogs typically have the coloring of German Shepherd, with occasional white inclusions as well; most people would consider them to look like a slightly larger Corgi with German Shepherd coloring.

Corgitian – Dalmatian x Corgi Mix


Corgitians look very much like a Corgi with Dalmatian coloring (black and white).

If you’re looking for a dog of Dalmatian size, this isn’t it!

A Corgitian should do fine with children, borrowing from the Dalmation side, yet still have the stamina common to Corgis from their herding background.

Augie – Australian Shepherd x Corgi Mix


As with many Corgi Mixes, the Augie mixed breed borrows its coloring from the non Corgi side, and it’s body shaped and size from the Corgi side.

Herding instincts are strong with both parent breeds, so expect that to be a strong trait with an Augie.

This mix is suitable for an active lifestyle.

Corgipom – Pomeranian x Corgi Mix


Corgipoms essentially look like Pomeranicans, but a bit more filled out. They tend to be closer to the size you’d expect of a Pomeranian.

Pomeranians tend to be pretty vocal, require a fair bit of grooming, and not as patient with kids as other breeds.

Expect these characteristics to show through in this mix.

Corgiever – Golden Retriever x Corgi Mix


Corgievers are perfect for the person looking for the unique, smaller dog that has all the best qualities that Golden Retrievers are famous for (great with kids, perfect family pet, etc.)

The smaller size due to the Corgi contribution to this mix make them more accessible for people without the space requirements for a full size Retriever.

Corpug – Pug x Corgi Mix


Corpugs can be best described as looking like a Corgi for the most part, but with Pug coloring (light brown body, black snout).

While the snout isn’t as distinctive on the Corpug as it is on a purebred Pug, the coloring is the same.

The benefit of the Corgi/Pug mix is that this breed doesn’t have the respiratory issues that Pugs can often have.

Borgi – Border Collie x Corgi Mix


The Border Collie/Corgi mix is notoriously hard to predict as far as appearance.

Typically though, you can expect a dog that is somewhat larger than a Corgi, and smaller than a Border Collie.

In general, expect the coat to be somewhere in the middle as well, with grooming requirements slightly more than a typical Corgi.

Other Corgi Mixed breeds of note

Corgi x American Cocker Spaniel mixPembroke Cocker Corgi
Corgi x American Pit Bull Terrier mixCorgi Pit
Corgi x Australian Cattle Dog mixCorgi Cattle Dog
Corgi x Australian Shepherd or Miniature Australian Shepherd mixAussie Corgi
Corgi x Basenji mixCorsengi
Corgi x Basset Hound mixCorgi Basset
Corgi x BeagleBeagi Mix
Corgi x Bichon Frise mixCorgi Bichon
Corgi x Cairn Terrier mixCairn Corgi
Corgi Pembroke x Corgi Cardigan mixCardigan Pembroke Corgi
Corgi x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mixCava Corgi
Corgi x Chihuahua mixChigi
Corgi x Cockapoo mixCopica
Corgi x Dachshund mixDorgi
Corgi x German Shepherd mixCorman Shepherd
Corgi x Greater Swiss Mountain Dog mixCorswiss
Corgi x Jack Russell Terrier mixCojack
Corgi x Labrador Retriever mixCorgidor
Corgi x Maltese mixCortese
Corgi x Papillon mixCorillon
Corgi x PointerCorgi Pointer
Corgi x PomeranianCorgiranian
Corgi x Schnauzer mixSchnorgi
Corgi x Shiba Inu mixShiba Corgi
Corgi x West Highland White Terrier (Westie) mixWest Highland Corgi
Corgi x Welsh Sheepdog mixWorgi

History of the Corgi Breed

There’s a few things about Corgis that you need to know, the main one being that there are two types of Welsh Corgis.

So, if someone says, “Welsh Corgi”, you can ask them “Which Welsch Corgi breed?!”.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The first breed, known as “Pembroke Welsh Corgi”, originated in Pembrokeshire, Wales – as you may have guessed by the name. 😀

Queen Elizabeth II of Britain has helped this particular Corgi breed get more popular; she’s had a Corgi (of the Pembroke Welsh variety) by her side since 1933!

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

The second breed is known as “Cardigan Welsh Corgi” and S

Most noticeable differences

The most noticeable differences between the two breeds are the tails and ears.

Pembrokes have pointed, erect ears and a shorter tail; Cardigans (often called “Cardi’s” for short) have more rounded ears and a longer tail.

Why you should consider a Corgi Mixed Breed

These beautiful, fun loving, and loyal dogs have a lot to love about them!

Selecting a breed is a very important process, so we’ve tried to be very fair and informative in outlining the various advantages and also other points to consider if a Corgi Mix is in your future.

While the ones listed above are some of the best corgi mixes, we’ve provide further info below to help you select just the right mix for you.

Advantages of Corgi Mixes

There are many advantages to adding Corgi traits to another breed; in general mixed breeds tend to be more healthy, and here are some amazing traits you can expect to find in many Corgi Mixes:

  • Intelligence
  • Loyalty
  • Eager to please
  • Quick learners
  • Small size
  • Happy disposition
  • Energetic

Points to consider about Corgi Mixes

Long Body

While the Corgi’s long frame is one of the features that adds to the uniqueness of the breed and it’s cuteness factor, as you can imagine, a long back like that can lead to back issues down the road.

Pairing Corgi breed with another breed that is less susceptible to back issues can be a very good choice here.

Hip Dysplasia

While Hip Dysplasia is common in many dog breeds, the long back of a Corgi (and therefore Corgi Mixes) can exacerbate the issue; for this reason, some Corgi mixes are more preferable than others.

Energy Level

If you are looking for a more mellow breed that likes spending a lot of time lounging around, then

Where to get Corgi Mixed Breeds

Corgi Mix Breeders

There are a few Corgi Mix Breeders out there, and a Google search in your area/State should be helpful there, but typically it’s best to search for breeders of the actual mixed breed.

For example, Corgi/Husky Mix, or Corgi Border Collie Mix, etc.

If people are advertising “Welsh Corgi Mix”, it’s usually b/c they know the dog isn’t purebred Corgi but aren’t quite sure what the mix is!

If you are looking specifically for one mix, it’s recommended to purchase from someone who clearly advertises the mix they are offering.

And, even if they are offering a specific mix, asking questions about the parents/bloodline should really help you get to a good sense of if the breed is actually as advertised.


Animal Shelters

Adopting a new pet of any type is an extremely worthy endeavor, and if you’re looking for a Corgi cross – your local animal shelter is a great place to start!

While it will be harder in many cases to find exactly what you’re looking for, you just might find a Corgi cross and bring a new pet into your home.

There’s few things as rewarding as giving your pet a new lease on life.

If you are completely set on a specific Corgi mix, this might not be an option for you; but we always like to mention it!

Rescue Groups or Organizations

While Corgi cross breeds aren’t very commonly found in Rescue Groups, whenever you’re looking for a a new pet Rescue Groups can be a great place to start.

Giving a new pup or an older, adult dog a new and safe home is extremely rewarding; just be aware that there might be a time where you have to develop trust and some patience will be required – and once established, you will have a new friend for life!

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