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Female Dog Names [Lots of Different Types!]

There’s nothing more fun than thinking of a name for your new little girl – whether her fluffy fur makes you want to choose something sweet and sensitive, or her insurmountable size has you considering something more regal – there is a name out there perfect for every puppy.

From unique and exotic to downright bizarre, the options are endless. 

What are the different types of names for female dogs?  Female dog names may reflect her distinctive female characteristics such as her breed or personality, while others may be chosen for their traditional roots. Different types of names for female dogs range from traditional to trendy, and the name you choose likely says a lot not only about your new puppy but you as well. 

Before you know it, the name you choose will somehow fit her flawlessly, whether you go with something more unique, or one of the many most popular selections on the dog naming lists. 

Read on to learn more about the variations of female dog names, including the tough and strong, as well as the subtle and sensitive. 

Female Dog Names and Their Meanings

Female Dog Names and Their Meanings

There are hyphenated names for female dogs, two-word names, single names that seem like something you’d find at a grocery store – and potentially are – and names that sound like they’ve come straight out of a children’s storybook. 

Depending on your penchant for the peculiar, you really can pick anything you want – and that is what makes naming so fun. There are some names you’ll want to avoid, however, but we’ll get into that in more detail later on. 

Many people even choose based on their favorite TV show or movie, going with a character name from today’s most popular Netflix picks (source). 

Others are more inspired by their favorite novel-turned-movie characters, such as “Buck” from “The Call of the Wild,” by Jack London and a recent movie adaptation starring Harrison Ford – both great dog names, though probably more likely for boys.

But before we get into the specifics of unique names versus those that are most popular and the strongest sounding versus a few that are a bit more subtle, take a look at the chart below.

It reflects just a few of the different types of names for your furry little friend.  It’ll also get you thinking about which one is perfect for you – and your puppy! 

Variations and Types of Female Dog Names 

Large Female Dog NamesSmall Female Dog NamesNames Based on Locations or CitiesFood-Inspired Female Dog Names

As you can see, the options are endless, and the above list is by no means exhaustive. There are also other directions you can go in choosing the right name for your new puppy, including names based in different languages, which we’ll talk about as well – or choosing a “big” dog name for your tiny chihuahua, just for fun. 

Whatever name you do ultimately decide to go with, there are some things to keep in mind before you take a black pen to your little one’s adoption certificate.

So, before you settle on the perfect name for your pet, let’s get into some specifics about naming.

Things to Consider Before Naming Your New Puppy

Things to Consider Before Naming Your New Puppy

Dog names, just like baby names, tend to be a bit trendy – they go in and out of popularity. And, some are simply names that have stood the test of time and continue to be popular over and over again, especially those based on classic TV shows or names that simply seem fitting for a dog, like Bella or Ladie.

But, while naming is and certainly should be a fun exercise for you and your family, there are a few important details to keep in mind, including the length of the name, and how the name will reflect your relationship with your pet. 

Choose Something Positive

The name you choose should first and foremost be positive. Think about the initial phase of “puppyhood” and the amount of training you’ll want to do when your puppy is young.

Your dog is going to associate her name to something, and you want something to be a positive emotion, including praise and reward. 

To learn more about how to properly train and discipline a puppy, you can read the article titled, “How to Discipline a Puppy.”

You also don’t want to choose something with a negative connotation. If you need to call your dog in a park where there are lots of people around, you’re certainly going to want to pick something that isn’t going to get a lot of heads turning your way for the wrong reasons!

Try to Choose a Two-Syllable Name

 If you notice the list above, most names are one or two syllables. If your heart is set on a 3-syllable word, it’s not the end of the world and you should certainly choose something you love.

However, you do want to keep in mind that dogs respond better to one or two-syllable names – they’re easier to say and better gain your dog’s attention when you need it (source).

If you do choose a longer name, you may want to consider a shortened version of it or a nickname.

Don’t Choose a Name that Sounds Like a Command 

This one is important. As mentioned above, it’s important that you take the time to train your puppy, and that you do so early – some say as early as 8 weeks of age.

That means that simultaneously, your dog is not only learning her name, but also the commands you are teaching her, such as sit and stay, and most likely “no” as well.

With that in mind, you don’t want to choose a name that sounds too similar to any of the commands or key words you will be using to teach your dog manners and tricks.

If you choose the name “May” for your little one, for example, your dog can easily confuse this with the command to stay.  So, when choosing a name, just be sure that it isn’t going to confuse your dog. 

Avoid Choosing Similar Sounding Names to Other Pets or People 

Similarly, you also want to pick something that isn’t going to confuse her or the other pets in your home, especially if their names are closely related or similar sounding. 

Try to avoid names that both begin with the same letter unless there is enough of a contrast, names that rhyme, or names that sound the same as other pets’ names in your home – or the names of your children for that matter.

If you have three names that can all be mistaken for one another, both your dogs and kids will all be running to you even when you don’t want them to! 

Choose Something That Fits Her Personality

Many new pet owners will choose a name that is fitting with the way their new puppy looks, whether she is already thirty pounds or just shy of three. 

But another option is to wait it out a few days, and see what her personality is like. Is she super shy, or ridiculously rambunctious? 

Try picking something that goes with her unique personality – because you’ll quickly learn that regardless of breed, every dog, just like every child, will have her own unique characteristics, mannerisms, and quirks!

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Trending Now: The Most Unique and Most Popular Female Dog Names

Most Popular Female Dog Names

A few years back, a famous celebrity actress – Gwyneth Paltrow – named her daughter “Apple.” At the time, it was a bit ahead of the trend, and many thought it was a peculiar choice.

But today, names for both kids and puppies alike have reflected a move toward unique and away from the more common traditional choices.

Unique Female Dog Names

We all know naming your child “North West” is unique, and whatever your opinion, you likely can’t help smile thinking about it. And maybe that’s the best advice when considering a unique name: pick one that will make you and those around you smile, or even chuckle a bit, too!

The list below reflects some interesting pet names that might fit the personality of your little puppy, too (source).

  1. Speed Bump – Perfect for those little terriers who get so excited chasing toys that they sometimes hit the wall head first by accident! 
  2. Pockets – Is your little girl cute as a button and tiny enough to fit in your pocket? Why not name her that way? Or, do the opposite – Pocket can be comically fitting for a big dog, too!  
  3. Sweet Potato – Sweet potatoes are simply delicious and growing in popularity among french fry connoisseurs. If it is your favorite food, why not choose it for your puppy’s new name, too?
  4. Hermione – Extra points if you know the reference to this one, a perfect fit for every Harry Potter fan and female dog, whether small or large! 

Most Popular Female Dog Names 

If you aren’t a fan of picking a name that is going to get lots of questions from friends and family, you can go to the most popular route. 

There are lists upon lists of the most popular female dog names, and depending on which list you are looking at, there will likely be a few differences and many similarities.

There are some names that are common across the board to many of the most popular lists, including the top ten below.

1. Bailey

Bailey is a pretty popular female dog name that has stood the test of time. It means “sweet little girl,” and also refers to a “protective wall surrounding a castle.” So, either way you interpret it, the name is a perfect mix of beauty and strength.

2. Bella

This one is very well liked as well, and could be a reference to the all to popular “Twilight” series from a few years back, but it certainly has stood the test of time, regardless. It also means “beautiful” in Italian.

3. Coco

Of course, if your dog just happens to be a Chocolate Lab, or you just love chocolate (who doesn’t?), Coco is a perfect and very popular name. It has made it to multiple top ten lists over the past few years, and even if you don’t love chocolate but have a fondness for style, you might choose it honor of a favorite famous fashion designer, too!

4. Daisy

Daisies are, of course, adorably delicate flowers and could fit your little girl perfectly. It is a very feminine, gentle sounding name and also means “day’s eye.” The flower itself symbolizes innocence, and every new puppy is as innocent as can be, even when they are getting into trouble!  

5. Lily

Apart from being a beautiful Spring flower, lilies are flowers that symbolize humility and devotion, both of which your pet will have to share with you in abundance. The common saying that dogs are a man’s (or woman’s!) best friend carries with it a lot of truth – she’ll be devoted to you for a lifetime.

6. Luna

The word “luna” means moon and is of Italian origin. It’s also the name of the Roman goddess of the moon. It might be perfect for your larger dog, reflecting her goddess nature. 

7. Maggie or Molly

Both Maggie and Molly are pretty popular dog names. Maggie means “pearl,” which speaks for itself. Molly is often referred to as a nickname or, ironically, a “pet” name for the full name of Mary. While the name “Molly” has a Hebrew meaning of “bitter,” it also has multiple other historical references, including references to some unique, strong women. 

8. Stella

Stella means star, and whether your dog is big or small, this one is perfect for a puppy who is always shining, or one with a grandiose personality. 

9. Sophie

Sophie is a common name for little girls and puppies alike. It’s a shortened or English version of the ancient Greek name of Sophia. It also means “wisdom,” and whatever the personality of your new pet, you’re bound to find that she is a wise little one, teaching you what’s important just when you need it most.   

10.  Zoe

Zoe is another name that has made the most popular list and is very common when it comes to popular dog names. Its meaning is also pretty powerful – a female name of Greek origin meaning “life.”

Or, perhaps you are a big Sesame Street fan, in which case the name also refers to a beloved character on the timeless children’s show!

Strong Puppy Names for Tough Little (and Big) Girls

Strong Puppy Names

Maybe you just adopted a Mastiff or a Great Dane, and let’s face it, these girls need names that match their size and majestic nature. On the flip side, we also know that those tiny little dogs are often the feisty ones!

If you’re looking for puppy names that are befitting of strength, perseverance, or an all-around tough attitude, there are certainly a few to choose from, despite many on the more popular lists being more fitting for boys.  

Here are a few great picks that reflect your little girl’s tenacity, strength, and resolve, some of which are reflective of women in the culture of the same character:

  • Missy – As in “Missy Elliot”
  • Cardi – A popular pop-culture female rapper 
  • Alanis – A popular musical talent of the 90’s
  • Cleo – One of the muses of the Greek Gods
  • Iris – Goddess of Rainbows

More Ideas for Naming Your Puppy

There are so many options for naming your puppy, and it’s one of the most special things you can do as you begin your relationship. It’s also a fun way to include everyone in the process. Give everyone in your home a chance to chime in. Here are some other ideas:

  1. Consider naming your little one in memory of a loved one.
  2. Name her after something you love to do, such as a sport. 
  3. Pick a popular baby name – after all, she’s the newest member of the family!
  4. Pick something from pop culture – including royal weddings and celebrity names.
  5. Make her a superhero – she may not save the world, but our dogs sure make every day more meaningful.

Whatever you choose, the most impactful trend seems to be in favor of picking something you love and that represents you, whether that is your favorite fanciful beverage or the food you love to eat. 

Check out this video below about hot to teach your dog their name:

Choosing something that reflects who you are and what you care about most will remind you of why you chose her name in the first place, and perhaps where you are in your life at the time, too (source).

Final Thoughts

Remember, take time and care in choosing a name.  Have fun with it, and pick something as special as the puppy you are adopting.  

Get to know her a bit first, and then, before you know it, you’ll find something that will fit her perfectly and reflect who she is on the inside and out. 


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