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Are Dogs Allowed in Home Depot? – Is It Dog-Friendly?

Leaving your dog at home or with a pet sitter is always an option but wouldn’t it be great if your pup could go shopping with you? If you’re in the middle of a home improvement project, you may need to go to a Home Depot store for more supplies. But can your dog come too?

So, are dogs allowed in Home Depot? Home Depot’s official dog policy states that only service dogs are permitted in Home Depot stores. However, a few stores check the documentation of dogs entering the premises and seem to allow dogs of any status. While most are pet friendly, call your local Home Depot before visiting to be sure. 

This article will tell you everything you need to know about Home Depot’s pet policy and tips for taking your dog into stores. 

Is Home Depot Pet-Friendly?

Home Depot’s official policy is that service dogs are allowed on-premises. Still, pet and companion dogs are prohibited from entering the store. 

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, “Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.” This document also states that “Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA.”

Based on Home Depot’s official policy, emotional support dogs aren’t permitted inside Home Depot stores either. 

While it seems like Home Depot doesn’t allow dogs in its stores, things are a bit different. In reality, most Home Depot stores are pet-friendly and welcome well-behaved and leashed dogs on their premises. 

Only a few stores in the US bother to check the documentation of dogs’ entering the premises. Regardless of the official policy, most stores welcome all dogs as long as they are under control and cleaned after. 

Whether or not a dog will be allowed on premises depends on the store’s manager. So, while most Home Depot stores are seemingly pet-friendly, you should call your local store to check before heading there with your dog. 

Home Depot Pet Guidelines and Policy

Officially, only service dogs are allowed in Home Depot stores. Unofficially, all dogs are welcomed to premises in most stores as long as they are leashed and well-behaved.

Ultimately, the individual store’s manager has the final say on whether or not pet dogs can come into the store. 

Even if your dog is allowed inside the Home Depot store, the staff has the right to ask you to leave if your dog barks, act aggressively, or scares other customers.  

Tips for Bringing Your Pet to Stores and Malls

Tips for Bringing Your Pet to Stores and Malls

Before you head out to the Home Depot store with your dog, consider whether your pup should go shopping with you. 

Shopping is a fun and enjoyable experience for most dogs. However, some pooches may feel anxious about being in a closed space with unfamiliar people. 

Consider your dog’s temperament and personality before going shopping in Home Depot or any other store. If your dog seems ready for an adventure, check out these helpful tips to ensure everyone has the best shopping experience.

Keep Your Dog Leashed

Keep your dog on a leash while inside the Home Depot store. Use a short leash to control your dog better and prevent it from wandering the isles and scaring other customers. 

Even if your dog is trained and behaves nicely, a leash is necessary. You can also choose to carry your dog in a carrier if that’s more convenient. 

Bring Treats

Going shopping can be an exciting and terrifying experience for your dog, especially if it hasn’t been inside a store or a shopping mall before. Bring a bag of your pup’s favorite treats to keep it on the best behavior.

Having tasty dog treats close at hand will help you redirect your dog’s attention if necessary and help soothe its anxiety. 

Avoid Accidents 

Shopping in Home Depot usually takes hours, and not all dogs can hold it for so long. If there’s a chance that you won’t leave the store without a full cart, consider your dog’s bladder control.

To prevent accidents inside the store, take your dog for a walk before heading out for a shopping trip. Don’t forget to bring poop bags, just in case. 

If your dog ends up peeing or pooping inside the store, despite your best efforts and planning, it’s up to you to keep the store clean. So, scoop after your dog, or use paper towels to clean pee accidents.


If your dog doesn’t have complete control over its bladder, consider using doggy diapers when shopping with your pooch. Young untrained puppies and senior dogs are more likely to have an accident inside, so consider fitting your pup with a diaper. 

If your dog isn’t used to wearing a diaper, it might become stressed out or try to remove it inside the store. Consider leaving your dog at home, at least until your dog learns how to wear a diaper or control its bladder. 


Officially, only service dogs are allowed in Home Depot stores. However, most stores are lax with this policy and don’t check the documents of dogs entering the store’s premises. 

If you decide to take your dog to the local Home Depot, call the store before the visit to ensure your dog is allowed inside. When shopping, keep your dog on a short leash at all times and clean up after it.

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