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13 Best Dog Magazine Publications and Subscriptions

For most dog owners, the internet is a go-to source of information on everything related to dogs. But before the internet, dog magazines were one of the best ways you could learn how to care about your dog and be a good doggy parent.

While printed magazines aren’t as popular as before, they are still a great source of information on all things dogs. If you are a fan of publications and like looking at cute photos of dogs, check out the best dog magazines.  

Top 13 Dog Magazines

Whether you are a dog owner looking for training advice or an enthusiast that loves looking at cute photos of dogs, there is a dog magazine for you! 

Listed below are the 13 best dog magazines that can help you navigate the daily joys and struggles of pet parenthood. 

Gun Dog 

Gun Dog Magazine is a go-to source of information for hunters and gun-dog enthusiasts. This specialized magazine covers different gun-dog breeds and offers information on training, care, nutrition, hunting supplies, and other hunting and gun-related topics. 

While a great resource for owners of pointers, setters, retrievers, and other hunting breeds, this magazine probably isn’t ideal for every doggy parent out there. 

Gun Dog Magazine is published seven times a year and it also has a website that offers additional information to gun-dog enthusiasts. 

Just Labs 

Just Labs is an award-winning magazine that’s geared towards owners and lovers of Labrador retrievers. Whether you have a black, yellow, or chocolate Lab, this magazine covers all aspects of Labrador’s life including diet, health, grooming, training, and must-have products for Labs.

Just Labs Magazine is published six times a year (January, March, May, July, September, and November). 


After obtaining Dog Fancy Magazine in 2014, the Dogster Magazine had a complete make-over and now boasts a fun and modern look. Like its predecessor, this fun and informative publication cover general-dog topics that are of interest to all doggy parents, especially new owners. 

Dogster Magazine is a bi-monthly publication and it also publishes on its website, like most other dog magazines. 

Family Dog

Family Dog Magazine is the American Kennel Club’s official publication. This magazine covers everything you would expect to see in a high-quality dog magazine, including training techniques, dog food, health, dog breeds, and everything in between.

Family Dog Magazine is published six times a year. However, you’ll have to get a subscription to the magazine as it isn’t sold at newsstands. 

The Retriever Journal

The Retriever Journal prides itself on being the only full-color magazine in the world devoted solely to sporting retrievers. Founded over a decade ago, this publication is written by experts on all things retrievers and other sporting breeds.

The Retriever Journal is published six times a year and is a go-to source for sporting retrievers and hunting dog breeds. 

Whole Dog Journal 

Whole Dog Journal is a general dog magazine that offers a wealth of information on care, health, training, and canine nutrition. The thing that sets this publication from the rest is its commitment to natural therapies and solutions. 

This makes Whole Dog Journal an excellent source of information for all owners who want to focus on natural and holistic dog care.

Whole Dog Journal is a monthly publication, and once you subscribe you’ll get access to all old publications. Like most other high-quality dog magazines, they also have a website that embraces the holistic approach and offers natural care advice.

Dog Watch 

Dog Watch Magazine is run by the Cornell University of Veterinary Medicine as a monthly publication. While not as popular as dog lifestyle magazines, this science-focused magazine is one of the best dog magazines on health. 

Within each publication, you’ll find articles on every aspect of canine health, including immunization, canine behavior and training, dog food, and much more. 

Modern Dog 

One of the most popular publications for dog lovers, the Modern Dog Magazine contains informative articles that help dog parents keep their canines happy and healthy. This magazine covers all basic dog-related topics and also focuses on health and wellness.

Modern Dog Magazine publishes four issues a year and they also have a website with lifestyle articles for dogs and their owners. 

Best Friends 

Best Friends Magazine is published by the Best Friends Animal Society, a national non-profit organization that runs the largest sanctuary for homeless animals. They usually publish uplifting stories, tips, and tricks, and also have “Ask the Vet” articles that contain useful advice on how to keep your dog in excellent health.

The thing that sets Best Friends Magazine from the rest is that the subscription cost is in the form of a $25 donation. This magazine is published bi-monthly.

Pointing Dog

The Pointing Dog Journal caters to all owners and lovers of pointer breeds. Within this magazine, you’ll find expert advice on pointing dogs, hunting, training, and traveling with them. 

Since it’s devoted solely to pointers, this publication isn’t geared towards all dog owners. The Pointing Dog Journal is published six times a year and is a premier source of information for the pointing dog enthusiast. 

Dogs Today 

Dogs Today is a UK-based dog magazine that is geared towards all dog owners and focuses on helping them to care better for their pets. This publication covers a wide range of topics, including canine health and welfare, nutrition, and care. It also focuses on positive training methods rather than dominance-based training techniques. 

Dogs Today Magazine is published monthly and it also has a website as an additional source of valuable information for doggy parents. 

Animal Wellness 

Animal Wellness Magazine covers a wide range of topics such as training, lifestyle, dog health, and nutrition. Their main goal is to educate owners about the health and well-being of their four-legged-companions.

Animal Wellness Magazine is published on a bi-monthly basis and besides the printed edition they also have a great website. 

FIDO Friendly 

FIDO Friendly Magazine provides its readers a ton of information on traveling with their dogs. Besides prime dog-friendly destinations and travel tips, this magazine also covers training, health and wellness, and dog supplies.

FIDO Friendly Magazine is published three times a year and is also available as a digital issue. And while you are waiting for the next issue of their magazine you can keep up with all doggy-related topics on their website. 


As a dog owner, you need to be up to speed with all new trends in the pet industry. While the internet is a great source of all things dogs, dog magazines are still one of the best ways you can learn how to better care for your dog. Purchasing or subscribing to one of the best magazines for dogs is a great way to stay informed and learn more about your dog’s needs. 

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