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18 Best and Popular Boxer Mix Breeds 2023

With its goofy, playful, and energetic nature it’s no surprise that the Boxer is one of the most popular dog breeds! These large and athletic pooches are fiercely loyal and protective of their families and make excellent guard dogs.

Thanks to their cute appearance, and friendly and affectionate nature, Boxers are often mixed with other purebred dogs. As a result, there are many adorable and increasingly popular Boxer mixes you can choose from! 

If you like the Boxer breed but are willing to consider a Boxer mix as a new canine companion, keep on reading! Today, we’ll take a look at 18 popular Boxer mixes and hopefully help you pick one!

18 Popular Boxer Mix Breeds – Complete List

Popular Boxer Mix Breeds

Due to the increased popularity of designer dog breeds, there are a lot of cute Boxer mixes you can choose from! Listed below you will find the most popular and some less popular Boxer mixes in case you are looking for a rare and unique designer dog. Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Boxador – Boxer & Labrador Retriever

The Boxador is one of the most popular designer breeds, and for a good reason! These large breed dogs make excellent family pets that are both loyal and affectionate with their owners and also playful and gentle with kids of all ages.

When it comes to grooming, Boxadors are low-maintenance dogs, but they have high energy levels. Therefore, they are best suited for homes with fenced yards where they’ll be able to run around and explore.

2. Boxita – Boxer & Akita

As a mix of two large and powerful dog breeds, the Boxer and Akita, the Boxita will likely have a powerful physique and short water and weather-resistant coat. This mixed breed usually looks more like an Akita.

Boxitas tend to be stubborn and challenging to train, thus this mix isn’t a good choice for first-time owners! They are, however, extremely loyal and devoted to their families and make excellent guard dogs that won’t hesitate to defend you or your property.

3. Boxweiler – Boxer & Rottweiler 

The Boxweiler, also known as Boxer Rotty, is a large dog that weighs from 70 to 100 pounds. This mix has a short coat that sheds moderately and is easy to maintain with regular grooming.

Since both parent breeds are naturally wary of strangers, Boxweilers tend to be suspicious of unfamiliar people as well. If not socialized properly from a young age, this natural suspicion can turn into aggression towards strangers (source).

Because of this, Boxweilers aren’t recommended for first-time dog owners and need an experienced handler who will know how to train and socialize them from puppyhood. A well-socialized and trained Boxweiler makes an energetic, protective, and loyal companion that doesn’t like to be left alone a lot.

4. Bogle – Boxer & Beagle

The Bogle is a medium-sized dog with an expressive face and a powerfully built body. Highly energetic and athletic, these pooches are best suited to active people and families with children that spend a lot of time outdoors. 

While some Boxer Beagle mixes might be wary of strangers, they will soon drop the cautious act and behave like they have known you for ages. 

Their cheerful, playful, and lively nature makes them ideal playmates for children. Although they can be rambunctious at times so it’s best to supervise them with toddlers and young children to prevent injuries and accidents. 

5. Bullboxer Staff – Boxer & American Staffordshire Terrier

Large in size and powerfully built, the Bullboxer Staff usually weighs between 60 and 80 pounds. These dogs make affectionate and devoted companions to their families but tend to be suspicious of strangers.

Early socialization and training are a must for this mix! The Bullboxer Staff tends to be dominant with other dogs and maybe better off as a sole pet in the hands of an experienced owner. When properly socialized and trained from a young age this mix makes a devoted and loving companion. 

6. Box Heeler – Boxer & Blue Heeler

As a cross of two dog breeds with very different personalities, the Box Heeler may be full of surprises. While Boxers are goofy, loyal, and playful dogs, Blue Heelers are independent, intelligent, and energetic. A Box Heeler can take more after one parent breed or be a perfect mix of both the Boxer and the Blue Heeler. 

One thing is for certain though, they are highly energetic dogs that need vigorous daily exercise to stay in good shape. 

Most Box Heelers tend to be strong-willed, just like their parent breeds, which makes training a challenge. Thus, they are best suited for experienced owners who will stay patient and consistent throughout their training. 

7. Boston Boxer – Boxer & Boston Terrier

Also referred to as the Miniature Boxer, the Boston Boxer is a medium-sized breed weighing between 25 and 55 pounds. These canines look like a smaller version of a Boxer, hence the nickname.

Energetic, playful, and friendly, these pooches like to spend time with their owners and enjoy being involved in all family activities. This mix doesn’t like to stay home alone and is best suited to families with children or people who don’t have long working hours and spend a lot of time at home. 

8. Boxer Basset – Boxer & Basset Hound

Boxer Bassets are medium-sized dogs that on average weigh from 45 to 65 pounds. This cute mixed-breed has a stocky build, long floppy ears, and a powerful nose they’ll use to search for food.

Boxer Bassets are stubborn dogs which would make training difficult if it weren’t for their appetites! Luckily for you, these dogs love to eat, and would do almost anything for a treat, including learning a new command!

Use positive reinforcement training with tasty treats to keep your mix motivated and you’ll soon have the best-mannered dog on the whole block (source)! 

9. Bulloxer – Boxer & American Bulldog

Developed by crossing a Boxer and an American Bulldog, the Bulloxer is a medium to large size hybrid with a muscular and athletic build. They usually look more like a Boxer but inherit the Bulldog’s well-defined muscles. 

Despite their fierce and intimidating appearance, Bulloxers are sweet, affectionate, and loyal canines that get along well with children. Loving and calm by nature, this mix adapts to all sorts of living conditions and makes a wonderful family pet. 

10. German Boxer – Boxer & German Shepherd

The German Boxer is a mix of playful Boxer and protective German Shepherd dog breeds. True to its parent breeds, this mix is suspicious of strangers and needs to be socialized from a young age to grow into a friendly and well-mannered pooch.

A working dog at heart, this mix can double as a guard dog and an affectionate and devoted family companion. Highly intelligent and easy to train, German Boxer loves to spend time with its people and can be a wonderful addition to a family that can spend time playing, training, and exercising their dog. 

11. Australian Boxherd – Boxer and Australian Shepherd

Developed by crossing a Boxer with an Australian Shepherd, the Boxherd is one smart canine! Medium in size and extremely energetic, this mix loves to work and will complete any odd job you throw their way. 

Like all other Australian Shepherd mixes, these dogs are bouncing balls of energy and have high exercise requirements. Without proper physical and mental stimulation, they will easily become bored and turn to destructive behavior to have some fun (source).

As a highly energetic working dog breed, this mix is best suited for suburban houses, ranches, or farms with some outdoor space for them to move around and explore. 

12. Boxmatian – Boxer & Dalmatian

The Boxmatian is a medium to large size dog that usually weighs from 50 to 90 pounds. These pups have short silky coats that are easy to groom with weekly brushing. Most Boxmatians tend to inherit the Dalmatian’s signature spots and are quite the lookers.

They are highly energetic and athletic dogs that need regular exercise to stay in good shape and on their best behavior. The Boxmatian is a playful, affectionate, and silly dog when surrounded by its family, though they can develop separation anxiety if left alone a lot. 

13. Golden Boxer – Boxer & Golden Retriever

Created by crossing a Golden Retriever and a Boxer, the Golden Boxer is one of the most popular Boxer mixes. Large in size and weighing between 60 and 75 pounds these pups can inherit the Boxer’s short coat or a Golden’s long double coat. 

Highly intelligent and eager to please, Golden Boxers are easy to train and are a suitable choice for newbie dog parents or families with children. This mix inherits the Golden Retriever’s affectionate and friendly nature and bonds deeply to its family.

14. Boxer Chow – Boxer & Chow Chow

Large in size and powerfully built Boxer Chow typically weighs around 60 pounds and sports a thick short coat. Very active and strong this mix needs an experienced owner who won’t be intimidated by their fierce look and vigor.

Loyal and devoted to their owners, Boxer Chows make great family pets that can also double as watchdogs. Due to their inherent wariness of strangers, these pooches can benefit from early socialization and training.

15. Boxsky – Boxer & Siberian Husky

Developed by crossing Siberian Husky and Boxer dog breeds, the Boxsky is a large dog with a huge wanderlust potential. Couch potatoes be warned; this hyperactive mix could easily run for miles without breaking a sweat! If you aren’t an active outdoorsy person, this breed isn’t for you.

This mix tends to be stubborn, just like its Husky parent, so training can be difficult, to say the least. They also have a strong prey drive and may just wander off chasing squirrels or cats if walked off-leash.

In the right home, however, the Boxsky makes a friendly, silly, and devoted companion that will entertain you with its endless antics and goofy behavior. 

16. Boxachi – Boxer & Chihuahua

The Boxachi is a relatively new designer hybrid, a cross between a tiny Chihuahua and a powerful Boxer. Usually small to medium in size, this mix has short legs, a stocky build, and tends to inherit the Chihuahua’s facial features.

At home, this mix makes a loyal, devoted, and affectionate companion that can also serve as a watchdog. They tend to be aloof around strangers and other dogs, so start training and socializing your mix as soon as you bring them home. 

17. Boxollie – Boxer & Border Collie

Medium to large in size the Boxollie is an energetic cross of a Border Collie and a Boxer. Depending on which parent your mix takes more after they can have a short or medium-length wavy coat. 

Since both parent breeds are working dogs, expect your mix to show impeccable work ethic. Boxollies are highly intelligent and easy to train dogs that make great pets to families and people who can meet their high energy needs and keep them busy. 

18. Bullboxer Pit – Boxer & American Pit Bull Terrier

Also known as the Pitoxer or American Bullboxer the Bullboxer Pit is a muscularly built dog that usually weighs between 50 and 80 pounds. When it comes to appearance, these sturdy hybrids tend to favor their Pit Bull parents. 

A properly socialized and trained Bullboxer Pit makes an active family companion that is especially fond of children. Energetic and strong, this mix needs daily exercise and does well at canine sports, including agility. 

Due to their physical strength and lively natures, training and socialization are especially important for this mix, so they are best suited for experienced owners. 

Other Less Popular Boxer Mixed Breeds

Are you looking for a rare and unique Boxer mix? If so, you’re in luck! Listed below you will find more cure Boxer mixes that aren’t world-famous yet (it’s just a matter of time)! 

  • Boxgi (Corgi x Boxer)
  • Poobox (Poodle x Boxer)
  • Boxmas (Bull Mastiff x Boxer)
  • Dachxer (Dachshund x Boxer)
  • Poxer (Pug x Boxer)
  • Cocker Spanbox (Cocker Spaniel x Boxer)
  • Saint Berxer (saint Bernard x Boxer)
  • Cane Corxer (cane Corso x Boxer)
  • Box-a-Shar (Shar Pei x Boxer)
  • Valley Boxer (Bulldog x Boxer)
  • Great Pyrenoxer (Great Pyrenees x Boxer) 
  • Rhodesian Boxer (Rhodesian Ridgeback x Boxer)
  • Bernese Boxer (Bernese Mountain Dog x Boxer)
  • Fresh Bulloxer (French Bulldog x Boxer)
  • Boxhoula (Catahoula x Boxer)
  • Shihoxer (Shih Tzu x Boxer)
  • Boxerman (Doberman x Boxer)
  • Newfoundbox (Newfoundland x Boxer) 

Brief History of the Boxer 

The Boxer is a hunting mastiff, originally developed in Germany in the late 19th century. This breed was created from the now extinct Bullenbeisser and Bulldogs brought from Great Britain. 

In 1984, Friedrich Robert, R. Hopner, and Elard Koning decided to put Boxers on exhibition at a dog show for the very first time. A year later, they established the first Boxer Club, the Deutscher Boxer Club.

This club published the first-ever breed standard for the Boxer breed in 1904, which hasn’t been changed much till this day. 

During the first World War, Boxers were used by the military and served as messengers carrying packs or as attack and guard dogs. The breed didn’t become popular until after the Second World War when American soldiers started returning home with their Boxer dogs. 

Why Should You Consider a Boxer Mixed Breed? 

If you are fond of a goofy Boxer but are looking for a similar dog with fewer health problems, consider getting a Boxer mix. Designer dogs are generally healthier than their purebred forbearers and won’t have as many health issues as purebred Boxers. 

Where to Get a Boxer Mix?

As with any other dog, there are only two ways you can get a Boxer mix – either adopt or shop!

Boxer Mix Breeders

Since Boxers are popular purebred dogs there is no shortage of reputable breeders that work especially with Boxer mixes. Make sure to research the breeder before making an appointment to visit their facilities and to meet the puppies.

Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you want to! A reputable breeder will appreciate your interest and will also ask you questions to ascertain whether you can provide a forever home for the puppy.

Boxer Mix Price

Boxer mix puppies on average cost from $350 to $2000. Since there are so many different Boxer mixes to choose from, the price will depend on the supply and demand and the cost of the other purebred parent.


Adoption is always a great way to welcome a new dog into your home! While Boxer mixes are designer dogs, many have ended up abandoned and in the care of shelters and rescue organizations across the country. 

To increase your chances of finding the mix of your dreams check shelters and rescue groups that deal with Boxers specifically since they often take care of their mixes too. 


Boxer mixes are some of the most popular designer dogs and for a good reason! These cute dogs make wonderful pets and companions to people of all ages and families with children.

Deeply loyal and protective of their families, Boxer mixes can also double as guard dogs that will watch over your family and home. If you are looking for an active, playful, affectionate, and goofy canine sidekick, step right up! 

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