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Chihuahua Pug Mix – Complete Guide 2023

The Chihuahua Pug mix is a small, but spunky designer dog that is becoming increasingly popular. Developed by crossing a Chihuahua with a Pug, this mixed-breed is an ideal apartment dweller and companion to people of all ages.

Are Chugs good dogs? When socialized and trained from a young age, Chugs are amazing family companions. Affectionate, loyal, and friendly, they enjoy human company and are the happiest when surrounded by their people. Fun-loving and goofy, this mix can be a great companion dog to families with older kids and singles.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the spunky and cute Chihuahua Pug mix and help you decide if this crossbreed is the right dog for you!

What Is a Chihuahua Pug Mix?

The Chihuahua Pug Mix is a newly developed and increasingly popular designer dog breed. Created by crossing a purebred Chihuahua with a purebred Pug, the Chug is a mixed-breed dog and as such not recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Brief History

The Chug dog breed probably existed naturally for quite some time, but breeders started deliberately crossing Pugs and Chihuahuas in the 2000s in the United States.


Hailing from Mexico, the Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world. The breed’s origin is surrounded by mystery, but it’s thought that Chihuahua descended from the Techichi dog who can be traced back to 300 B.C.


Originally from China, Pugs were very popular with royalty and were bred as companion dogs for ruling families. This breed made it to Europe in the 16th century where it became highly popular at European courts due to its laid-back personality and friendly nature.

Both – Mixed Breed – Chihuahua Pug Mix

When you mix a Chihuahua and a Pug, you get a Chug – a small dog with a sturdy and muscular build. True to its parent breeds, the Chihuahua Pug mix is an affectionate companion dog who likes to cuddle and spend time with its family.

Characteristics of Chihuahua Pug Mix

Characteristics of Chihuahua Pug Mix

Being a mixed-breed, it’s hard to predict the exact temperament and appearance of any individual Chug. Generally, they have rounded heads with large protruding eyes, short round nose, and are always small in size.

Chug Highlights:

SizeSmall size
Weight10-20 pounds
Height10-14 inches
Coat TypeShort or medium-long
SheddingModerate to heavy shedding
Energy LevelsModerate
Overall HealthGood
Lifespan10-13 years


Since both the Chihuahua and the Pug are toy breeds, the Chug can’t be anything other than a small dog in size.


The Chihuahua Pug mix is generally from 10 to 14 inches tall, but some dogs can be a bit shorter or taller.


As a toy dog, the Chihuahua Pug mix usually weighs from 10 to 20 pounds. This mix can become obese easily, so you should monitor your dog’s weight regularly and put him on a diet if necessary.

Coat Color

The Chihuahua Pug mix can come in many different colors that are seen in both parent breeds. Most Chugs have solid coats, but sometimes they can sport a mix of colors seen in their parents.

Most commonly seen colors are:

  • Brown
  • Black
  • Cream
  • Tan
  • White
  • Fawn


Chugs can have short or long hair and that will shed moderately all year round. If your pooch is a mix of short-haired Chihuahua and a Pug, he will have coarse short hair.

On the other hand, if your Chug is an offspring of a long-haired Chihuahua and a Pug, he will have a medium-long silky coat. Regardless of the coat type, Chugs shed and aren’t a good choice for allergy sufferers.


While it is difficult to predict the exact temperament of any individual Chug, it’s highly likely that your mix will inherit certain traits from both its parents. You should meet both parents to get an idea of how your Chug puppy is going to behave once he grows up.

With that being said, most Chugs are friendly, affectionate, silly, energetic, and loyal companions. Depending on which parent your mix takes more after, he can be territorial and feisty like a Chihuahua, or easy-going and cuddly like a Pug.

Since both the Chihuahua and the Pug love to bark, there is a big chance that your mix will inherit their yappy tendencies. Consequently, Chugs are great watchdogs and will alert you whenever someone is at the front door.

Like Chihuahuas, some Chugs can get overly attached to one particular family member and pick him as a favorite person. If this happens, your pooch might get jealous of other people or pets and become territorial or aggressive.

Luckily there are ways you can prevent and stop resource guarding and teach your pooch how to share and behave (source). 

Affectionate and loyal, the Chihuahua Pug mix likes to be in the center of attention and needs an owner who will appreciate its silly personality and offer a lot of cuddles. When provided with companionship and attention they crave, Chugs are amazing pets and great lap dogs.

Pet Friendly

The Pug Chihuahua mix can get along with other pets if they are introduced slowly and early on. Training and socialization from a young age can help your Chug to become more accepting of other animals.

Keep in mind that Chihuahuas aren’t always fond of other animals and may prefer being the only pet. If your mix inherits this trait, you should consider getting two Chugs so they can play together and keep each other company.

Child Friendly

Playful and friendly, Chugs get along with older children who know how to play and interact with such a small dog without injuring it. However, if you teach your kids how to interact with a dog early on and show them how to be gentle, the Chug will be a great playmate to younger children as well.

Chihuahua Pug Mix Care

Chihuahua Pug Mix Care

To keep your Pug mix healthy and happy, you’ll have to come up with a care routine and take him for regular vet checkups. Here are some things you should pay attention to:

Health Risks

The Chihuahua Pug mix is a generally healthy designer breed, however, they are predisposed to the same health problems that are seen in Chihuahuas and Pugs. If your mix has a flat face, he will likely experience the same breathing problems seen in Pugs and will not tolerate extreme heat or cold (source).

The most common health issues seen in Chugs are:

  • Eye problems
  • Heatstroke
  • Respiratory problems
  • Patellar luxation

The Chihuahua Pug mix has an average lifespan of 10 to 13 years, but they can live longer when properly cared for.


Chugs can either have a short coarse coat or soft medium-long coat. Short-haired Chugs shed moderately and have to be brushed two to three times a week.

But, if your pooch has a medium-long silky coat, you’ll have to brush him at least four times a week to reduce the shedding and prevent mats and tangles from forming.

The Chihuahua Pug mix can be bathed once every six weeks or less often depending on how quickly your pooch gets dirty. Furthermore, you will need to check the folds in your Chug’s face daily and use a soft moist towel to keep them clean and dry.

The rest is basic care and involves teeth brushing, nail trimming, and ear cleaning. Since Chugs have small jaws and crowded teeth you’ll have to brush your pup’s teeth daily to prevent dental issues and periodontal disease.

Food or Diet

The best diet for a Chihuahua Pug mix is one formulated for small breeds with high energy. Since this mix is prone to weight gain, you’ll have to stick with a regular feeding schedule and limit the number of treats your pooch is eating.

When picking food for your Chug, make sure that it contains all the essential micro and macronutrients and avoid brands that use cheap fillers. As always, whenever in doubt, talk with your vet or a canine nutritionist who can help you pick the best food for your Chug.

Training and Exercise

As a fun-loving and high-spirited small dog, the Chihuahua Pug mix will need up to 60 min of exercise every day. Keep in mind that Chugs can experience breathing difficulties so avoid any strenuous activities such as running, jogging, or hiking.

Short walks coupled with several play sessions a day are a great way to keep your Chug exercised and mentally stimulated. Games such as fetch, tug-of-war, or puzzle toys will keep your pooch entertained and also help him burn some excess energy.

Like its parent breeds, the Chihuahua Pug mix has an independent and willful nature and needs an experienced owner who will be a patient trainer. Since they have short attention spans, you’ll have the best results if you keep the training sessions short and sweet.

Starting socialization and training from a young age is essential since Chugs can develop a small dog syndrome and start displaying a set of undesired behaviors (source). Hence, start obedience training as soon as you bring your Chug home and expose him to different people, pets, and situations from the start.


The Chihuahua Pug mix is a delicate dog that needs to live indoors with its family. Due to their small size, they are great apartment dwellers and will adapt to any living conditions as long as they are close to you.

Where to Get Chihuahua Pug Mix?

The Chug is still not as popular as other mixed-breed dogs, so you’ll probably have to do some research before bringing a dog home. As with all other dogs, you can get your Chihuahua Pug mix from a breeder, or do a humane thing and adopt.

Chihuahua Pug Mix Breeders

If you decide to buy a Chihuahua Pug mix, be prepared to spend some time researching reputable breeders in your area. Once you have narrowed your options, contact the breeder, and make an appointment to meet the puppies and both parents.

Chihuahua Pug Mix Price

A well-bred and healthy Chihuahua Pug mix on average costs between $500 and $750. The price can be higher depending on a breeder, physical traits, or if one or both parents are show ring winners.


Rather than buying a puppy, you can opt to adopt a Chihuahua Pug mix from your local shelter or rescue organization. Adoption is a great way to welcome a Chug into your home, and you may even come across an adult dog who is already potty trained and used to living indoors.

There are no breed-specific rescue organizations for Chugs since they are mixed-breed, but you can check Pug and Chihuahua breed-specific rescues. Besides taking care of purebred dogs, these organizations also keep their mixes and might already have a Chug waiting for a forever home.


Affectionate, loyal, and feisty the Chug is the perfect blend of its parent breeds, the Chihuahua and the Pug. While small in size, the Chihuahua Pug mix has a big personality and forms strong bonds with its family.

Easy to care for and fun to have around, the Chug has a stubborn streak and might be a handful for novice owners. But if you are willing to put in the time and the effort to train your mix, the Chug will reward you with unconditional love, companionship, and devotion.

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  1. Nancy Stere

    My chub I got at the local shelter., He alerts me when someone is at the door and when the telephone is ringing. I had an electrical fire in my house and he alerted me. He is my little hero!

  2. Liz BilliotBryant

    Thank you so very much for your info on Chugs. I got my Baby “Bella” at 3 months old and 2-1/4 lbs and abused.. As you said it took us a few years to truly bond boy now we are so close, she still has this “not the Momma” thing with my Husband. But we both love her dearly. Bella’s 12 now and I Pray for several more years of her being in our lives. Again THANKS for all your help. GOD BLESS.


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