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Do Dogs Go to Heaven? – A Religious Perspective

Has your dog passed away recently? If so, you’re probably wondering what happens to dogs after they die and whether you will see your pup again in the afterlife.

But, do dogs go to Heaven? The Bible hasn’t specifically addressed this question. Ministers and theologists agree that the answer to this question depends on how you interpret the Scriptures. The Bible confirms that there are animals in Heaven in Isaiah 11:6. If animals like horses are in Heaven, why wouldn’t dogs be too?

Keep reading to learn what Bible says about Heaven and dogs. And whether you can hope to be reunited with your canine companion in the afterlife. 

What Does the Bible Say About Dogs Going to Heaven?

The Bible doesn’t say that dogs go to Heaven. However, it doesn’t specify that dogs can’t go to Heaven either. Opinions on this topic vary widely because the Bible doesn’t say whether dogs go to Heaven or not.

Many ministers believe that the answer to this question depends on how you interpret the Scriptures. However, some ministers and theologists say that dogs and cats don’t go to Heaven. 

The main reasoning behind the “no” response is that many ministers and theologists don’t believe that dogs have souls as people do. According to them, there is no salvation from sin and thus no everlasting life in God’s presence for animals. 

However, many Bible verses suggest that God will save people and all other living things. The Bible says that the ultimate redemption will encompass the whole of creation. A good example is Luke 3:6, which says, “all flesh shall see the salvation of God.”

Furthermore, the Bible confirms that animals are living in Heaven. Isaiah 11:6 talks about several different predator and prey animals living in harmony.

If other animals are allowed to live in Heaven, pet owners have reason to believe that pet dogs are welcomed as well. 

The Bible also doesn’t specify whether animals have souls or not and whether they can be reborn or not. However, many religious leaders believe that to be true. In fact, Pope John Paul II said, “the animals possess a soul, and men must love and feel solidarity with our smaller brethren.” 

Will I See My Dog in Heaven?

The Bible is not clear on whether there are pet dogs in Heaven, and no one really knows what God has in store for us in the afterlife. 

However, the Bible implies through the discussion of redemption of all God’s creation that death isn’t the end for our furry companions. 

You will never be truly prepared to say goodbye to your dog. Watching a furry friend close its eyes for one last time is hard. But, take comfort in believing that you and your pup will meet again in the afterlife. 

Many pet owners believe in dog Heaven and trust God will accept their beloved pets in Heaven. God won’t do this because dogs have souls. He will do it because having dogs in Heaven for eternity would give people unmeasurable pleasure. 

Whenever in doubt, just remember that Jesus said, “All things are possible to him who believes.” If you truly believe it, your dog will greet you on the gates of Heaven with a wagging tail. 

Will We See Pets in Heaven?

Many Christians believe that God will allow pet dogs and cats, and other animals to enter Heaven after they die. This way, all pets can be there with their owners for the rest of eternity.

Whether you believe you’ll see your pets in Heaven depends on how you interpret the Bible verses. 

God’s original creation was exposed to decay and debasement through sin. But everything will be restored to its previous glory and be as it was in the beginning. 

Although the sins of the people have destroyed humanity and nature, God will restore both. And just like animals (including pets) were included in God’s original plan, so they will be included in the new world and life. 

God may choose to create a new pet for you in Heaven or decide to reunite you with your earthly companion in the afterlife. Whatever happens, you must be willing to trust God to arrange things as he sees fit and be happy that you gained a pet companion in Heaven.

What Other Types of Pet Animals Have Been Mentioned in the Bible?

The Bible mentions many different types of animals, including mammals, birds, amphibians, insects, fishes, and invertebrates. 

The thing that might surprise you is that there is no mention of cats in the Bible. On the other hand, dogs are mentioned more than once, but not in the way you would assume. 

In Biblical times dogs weren’t considered companions and were usually grouped with unholy people, murderers, and sorcerers. 

As far as modern-day pet animals are concerned, the Bible mentions:

  • Chameleon
  • Fish
  • Frog
  • Gecko
  • Hedgehog
  • Lizard
  • Rabbit
  • Scorpion
  • Spiders
  • Turtle


The Bible doesn’t specify whether dogs can or can’t go to Heaven. But if you believe in an ultimate redemption, be prepared to be reunited with your dog. Then you’ll spend eternity together in the afterlife. 

Some ministers and theologists argue that dogs don’t have souls as do people. Meaning they can’t bask in God’s eternal presence. 

However, the Bible confirms there are animals in Heaven. Even some church leaders believe that dogs have souls and should be loved and respected as loyal companions. 

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