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Jack Russell Terrier Mix – Complete List and Guide 2023

The small and sturdy Jack Russell Terrier is a member of the Terrier group and was originally used as a hunting dog. Although small in size, Jack Russell has a huge personality and is an energetic, affectionate, clever, and charming dog.

Also known as Parson Russell Terrier, this little dog is a popular choice for apartment dwellers and families with children. Due to their feisty nature and popularity, breeders often cross Jack Russells with other purebred dogs to create interesting mixed breeds.

In this article, we’ll list the 20 most popular Jack Russell Terrier mixes and help you decide if one of them is the ideal mixed breed for you. Keep on reading to find out!

20 Popular Jack Russell Terrier Mix Breed – Complete List

Popular Jack Russell Terrier Mix Breed

Being a super energetic, smart, goofy, and friendly dog makes a Jack Russell Terrier very popular with active people of all ages. So it comes as no surprise that these small dogs are crossbred to many other dog breeds. 

Let’s take a look at a complete list of the 20 most popular Jack Russell Terrier mixed breeds:

1. French Jack

Developed by crossing a Jack Russell Terrier with a French Bulldog, the French Jack is a small but sturdy dog. Depending on which parent breed it takes more after, the French Jack can be a bouncing ball of energy or a couch potato that’s always ready for snuggles. 

Due to their small size, French Jacks do well in small apartments or huge homes, as long as you are there to keep them company. This mix gets along well with kids and can be an energetic and fun playmate for children of all ages. 

2. Cattlejack

The Cattlejack was created by breeding a Jack Russell Terrier with an Australian Cattle Dog. Having two working dog breeds as parents, this working terrier mix will be the happiest having a job to do.

This mix has a high energy level and needs at least 60 minutes of intense exercise every day, otherwise, they can become bored and destructive real fast (source)! A simple walk around the block won’t be enough for this guy, so only get one if you lead an active lifestyle and spend a lot of time outdoors. 

3. Jackaranian

Created by crossing a Pomeranian with a Jack Russell Terrier, the Jackaranian is one of the most popular Jack Russell Terrier mixes. This small-sized dog is between seven and 13 inches tall.

Most Jackaranians have fluffy double coats like their Pomeranian parents and can come in many different colors. Fun-loving, energetic, and affectionate, this mix is a good apartment dweller and needs regular exercise to stay happy and healthy. 

4. Jack Chi

Jack Chi is another popular designer breed, developed by mixing a Chihuahua and a Jack Russell Terrier. Most Jack Chis take after their Chi parent but have a Jack Russell’s stockier build and are between 10 and 15 inches tall. 

True to both their parent breeds, Jack Chis have larger-than-life personalities and like to be the center of everyone’s attention. This mix forms tends to pick a special person, and can become highly protective of its owner and jealous of any other pets. 

Although small and seemingly harmless, this mix needs an experienced owner who will know how to properly train and socialize a dog from a young age. A properly socialized Jack Chi is good with children and makes a great family dog that likes to play and cuddle with its owners. 

6. Jackpie

Developed by crossing a Jack Russell with an Australian Kelpie, the Jackpie is a highly energetic working dog. This mix is the happiest when it has a job to do, and if their working skills aren’t put to a test they require at least 90 minutes of vigorous exercise every day.

Jackpies have a strong prey drive and aren’t a good choice if you have smaller pets like cats or guinea pigs (source). Smart, energetic, friendly, and loyal this mix is best suited for active people and homes with fenced gardens.

7. Jackshund

Created by crossing a Jack Russell Terrier and a Dachshund, the Jackshund is a curious and spunky pooch. Most Jackshunds weigh between 15 to 25 pounds, are nine to 13 inches tall, and their bodies are longer than they are tall. 

Highly energetic and devoted to its owner, this mix needs plenty of exercise and daily play sessions to burn off excess energy and stay on best behavior. Due to their small size, Jackshunds adapt well to all living conditions and make good apartment dwellers as long as they are properly exercised. 

8. Jack Tzu

The Jack Tzu is a popular designer breed, developed by crossing a Shih Tzu with a Jack Russell Terrier. True to its parent breeds, the Jack Tzu is small in size, weighing between nine and 16 pounds and being between nine and 12 inches tall. 

The Jack Tzu is an intelligent and clever little pooch that tends to be stubborn at times, just like its Jack Russell parent. They are also extremely affectionate and devoted canine companions who like to spend time with their families and cuddle with their owners. 

9. Husky Jack

The Husky Jack is an unusual mix breed, a cross between Siberian Husky and Jack Russell Terrier dog breeds. This mix is usually between 14 and 20 inches tall, weighs from 20 to 40 pounds, and looks a lot like its Husky parent. 

Like both their parent breeds, Husky Jacks have a strong prey drive and will love to chase smaller animals and pets. Therefore, you will have to keep this mix on a leash at all times, otherwise, your pooch will run after squirrels, cats, and other dogs any chance it gets. 

This highly energetic dog needs 60 minutes of vigorous exercise every day to stay happy and healthy. The Husky Jack makes a funny and playful companion to active people and families with older children who will be able to keep up with such an energetic dog. 

10. Jackabee

The Jackabee is a cross between a friendly Beagle and a fearless Jack Russell Terrier. Small, but well-muscled and athletically built, the Jackabee excels at dog sports such as agility. 

Friendly, playful, and energetic, this mix is a great choice for families with children or active people who can keep their dog busy and properly exercised. While they are smart and quick to learn, the Jackabee can get easily distracted so it’s best that you keep the training sessions short and sweet.

11. Jackpit

Developed by crossing an American Pit Bull Terrier with a Jack Russell Terrier, the Jackpit is a true Terrier at heart. Measuring between 12 to 18 inches tall and weighing from 20 to 50 pounds this mix has a short slick coat and muscular build. 

Energetic, courageous, and loyal, the Jackpit is a highly energetic and playful mix that likes to stay active and is always in motion. Properly trained and socialized Jackpits make great family pets and are particularly fond and protective of children. 

If you decide that Jackpit is an ideal dog for you, make sure to check local laws and regulations regarding owning Pit Bulls and their mixes (source). 

12. Patterjack

The Patterjack is one of the rarer mixes on this list, created by crossing a Jack Russell Terrier with a Patterdale Terrier. Since both of its parent breeds are members of the Terrier group you can expect this mix to have a very high prey drive and a ton of energy (source). 

Most Patterjacks are between 11 and 15 inches tall, weigh from 12 to 15 pounds, and have a sturdy and muscularly built body. While their size makes them ideal for apartment living, Patterjacks need at least 60 minutes of exercise to release pent-up energy and stay on the best behavior. 

13. Jackweiler

The Jackweiler is also a rare designer dog, developed by mixing a Rottweiler and a Jack Russell Terrier. Like most other Rottweiler mixes, this designer hybrid makes a great guard dog and is fiercely loyal and protective of its family. 

Most Jackweilers are between 14 and 22 inches tall, weigh from 30 to 80 pounds, and are best suited for homes with fenced backyards. Like their Rottweiler parents, most Jackweilers are suspicious of strangers and require a firm handler and proper socialization to be on the best behavior. 

14. Yorkie Jack

The Yorkie Jack was created by mixing a Jack Russell Terrier with a Yorkshire Terrier. They are between eight and 13 inches tall, weigh 10 to 14 pounds, have a longer wiry coat, and look more like a Yorkie.

If you are looking for a spirited and fun-loving small dog, the Yorkie Jack might be the right breed for you. Bear in mind, these tiny pooches have a ton of energy to burn and need a lot of exercise and play sessions to stay in good shape. 

When all of their energy is spent, your Yorkie Jack will happily cuddle and snuggle with you on the sofa. Loyal, loving, and playful, this mix makes a great family pet and an affectionate companion. 

15. Cojack

Created by crossing a Corgi with a Jack Russell Terrier, the Cojack inherits the elongated body of its Corgi parent but has the face of a Jack Russell. Most Cojacks are 10 to 12 inches tall and weigh from 15 to 25 pounds which makes them suitable for apartment living. 

This energetic mix likes to play and will happily run around and chase children or other pets. And if your Cojack takes more after its Corgi parent, they might nip and herd you and your other family members.

The good news is that you can use positive reinforcement training to curb your dog’s nipping tendencies and teach them how to behave properly (source). 

16. Border Jack

The extremely smart Border Jack was created by mixing a Border Collie with a Jack Russell Terrier. Highly energetic and super intelligent, this mix will need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation, otherwise, they can become bored and destructive.

Border Jacks are best suited for active people and families with children who have the time and energy to keep up with this highly energetic mix. 

17. Cavajack

Developed by mixing a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Jack Russell Terrier breeds, the Cavajack is a small dog with a stocky body. They are not as energetic as other Terrier mixes and adapt well to city living. 

Your Cavajack will need around 30 minutes of exercise every day and will happily cuddle and snooze with you on the sofa. These affectionate dogs crave attention and companionship and don’t like to be left at home alone. 

18. Westie Jack

When you cross a Jack Russell Terrier and a West Highland Terrier you get a Westie Jack. This fun-loving and curious pooch needs around 30 minutes of exercise and a few short playing sessions every day.

Moderately energetic and amiable, this mix makes an amazing family dog and will get along well with children of all ages. 

19. Jackapoo

The Jackapoo was created by crossing a Jack Russell Terrier with a miniature Poodle and usually weighs between 11 and 16 pounds. Most Jackapoos inherit the Poodle’s soft and curly coat which is usually white or tan in color. 

Like its parent breeds, this mix has a lot of energy and needs at least 60 minutes of vigorous exercise every day. They are very smart and highly trainable dogs, that form strong bonds with their owners and like to be included in all family activities. 

20. Jackie Bichon

Created by crossing a Bichon Frise with a Jack Russell Terrier, the Jackie Bichon weighs between 13 and 17 pounds. This mix looks a lot like its Jack Russell parent, except its coat, which is curly and fluffy.

Curious and energetic, Jackie Bichon needs around 45 minutes of exercise every day and a few interactive play sessions. Affectionate, loyal, and friendly, this mix makes a great family companion that doesn’t like to be left alone and craves constant attention. 

Brief Jack Russell Terrier History

Brief Jack Russell Terrier History

Originating in England in the mid-1800s, the Jack Russell Terrier was developed by the Reverend John Russell. Being a hunting enthusiast, Russell wanted to create a working Terrier that would bolt foxes out of their burrows.

By the 1930s the breed was well-known in the U.S and there were already several breed clubs that had different opinions regarding Jack Russell’s appearance and working ability. 

The Jack Russell Terrier Club of America regards Jack Russell Terrier purely as a hunting dog and has an independent registry. On the other hand, the Jack Russell Terrier Association of America got this breed formally recognized in 2000 by the AKC.

Why You Should Consider a Jack Russell Terrier Mixed Breed?

If you like Jack Russell’s energetic, affectionate, and lively nature, but are looking for a dog that is easier to train, you should consider getting a Jack Russell Terrier mix. 

Due to their fun-loving nature and popularity, Jack Russells are often crossed to other breeds, and there is no shortage of mixes that make excellent family pets. 

Depending on the traits you are looking for in a dog, research both parent breeds to get a better understanding of the Jack Russell Terrier mix and see whether it is a good choice for your family. 

Where to Get Jack Russell Terrier Mixed Breed?

As with all other dogs, there are only two ways you can welcome a Jack Russell Terrier mix into your home! You can adopt a dog from a local shelter or rescue organization or purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder. 

Jack Russell Terrier Mix Breeders

The Jack Russell Terrier is a popular breed and often mixed with other purebred dogs. Therefore, you shouldn’t have trouble locating a reputable breeder that makes mixed-breed puppies available. 

Jack Russell Terrier Mix Price

A Jack Russell Terrier mix on average costs between $300 and $1200. However, since Jack Russells are mixed with many different dog breeds, the price varies greatly depending on the cost of the other parent breed. 

Additional factors such as supply and demand, coat color, lineage, breeder, and your location will also influence the price of a Jack Russell Terrier mix puppies. 


While Jack Russell Terrier mixes are designer dogs, many end up abandoned and in the care of animal shelters and rescue organizations. 

If you think that a Jack Russell Terrier mix is the best choice for your family, check your local shelter and rescue groups. You should also contact Jack Russell Terrier breed-specific rescue organizations since they take care of mixes too. 


Jack Russell Terrier mixes are popular designer dogs and there are many different mixed-breeds you can choose from. While every mixed-breed dog is unique, it’s safe to say that Jack Russell mixes are energetic, fun-loving, spunky, and smart dogs. 

If you lead an active lifestyle and are looking for a canine sidekick who will keep you on your toes and be a fun companion, check out Jack Russell mixes. But, if you’re a couch potato and don’t have time to vigorously exercise your dog, consider a less energetic mixed-breed dog. 

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