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15 Lazy Dog Breeds – A Perfect Apartment Dog!

Just like people, every dog breed is different. Finding the right dog for your needs and your lifestyle is vital to ensuring both the happiness of you and your paw-friend. If you travel a lot or are busy with work, then a lazy dog breed is ideal for you. 

You don’t have to worry about a high-energy dog that needs lots of mental stimulation and exercise. A “lazy” dog is just as loving, fun, cuddly (if not more so), and devoted as an energetic dog. So what are the best lazy dog breeds, you may wonder? 

If you are looking for a dog that likes snuggling more than exercising, then the best 15 lazy dog breeds are: 

  1. Maltese 
  2. Boston terrier 
  3. Bichon Frise 
  4. Japanese chin 
  5. Pembroke Welsh Corgi 
  6. Chihuahua 
  7. Pug 
  8. Tibetan terrier 
  9. Dachshund 
  10. Pekingese 
  11. Chow chow 
  12. Pomeranian 
  13. Yorkshire terrier 
  14. Havanese 
  15. Shih tzu 

Let’s look at each of these low-energy dog breeds in more detail. 

15 Laziest Dog Breeds

Laziest Dog Breeds

Here are the top 15 dog breeds that are lazy:


A perfect dog if you live in an apartment and want a low-energy dog, a Maltese needs minimum exercise. 

Maltese dogs are very mild-tempered. If you use positive reinforcement training, you can train your Maltese to not nip at strangers. 

Boston Terrier

A Boston terrier will follow you around everywhere in your house. Serene and well-mannered, these pooches like to be pampered. 

With a happy-go-lucky attitude, they adapt to your energy levels. So if you are a physically active person, your Boston terrier will be able to keep up with you. 

And if you are more low-energy, then your Boston terrier will be okay with being a lazy dog. 

Bichon Frise

With its obedient nature and love of pleasing its owner, a Bichon Frise is easy to train and easy to take care of. They only need a few short daily walks, and that’s it. 

The rest of the time, your Bichon Frise, which is French for curly lap dog, can snuggly on your lap while you work or chill in front of the TV. These dogs have short bursts of energy, known as zoomies, after long naps. 

Japanese Chin

Originally from Japan (the name gave it away, right?), a Japanese chin is an ideal lap dog. When they aren’t busy charming people and making new friends, they like to snuggle with their favorite human – you! 

Since these are low-energy pooches that prefer napping over much else, take your Japanese chin for a short daily walk. But know that your Japanese chin will not be happy if you opt for a brisk walk! 

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi is fit for royalty and for those who prefer low-energy dogs. Smart, affectionate, and easy to train, this dog breed likes cuddling with its owner. 

The only physical exercise a Pembroke Welsh Corgi needs is one or two short daily walks. 


A chihuahua is very happy to just hang around with its owner and family. This dog breed isn’t actually lazy, they just aren’t interested in being physically active. 

A perfect size to fit on your lap, a chihuahua comes with an attitude. Ensure you set boundaries from the start, or this pooch will boss you around. 


A small dog that’s ideal for an apartment, a pug is smart, loving, and mischievous. Their antics will keep you entertained. 

These dogs only need short daily walks. Pugs are a brachycephalic dog breed, which means that they are short-headed or short-faced with noses that have malformed, narrow nostrils. 

These breeds can suffer from a variety of health problems, one of which is breathing difficulties if your pup overheats due to exercise. 

A pug isn’t a good dog choice if you spend a lot of time away from home. 

Tibetan Terrier

A Tibetan terrier is good-natured, so this pooch fits in well with any living situation. Bred in Tibetan monasteries as a guard dog, this dog breed is quiet and will only let out a bark in a warning. 

Tibetan terriers are trainable and easily pick up obedience training. Remember to take your Tibetan terrier for a brisk walk a few times a day. 


A Dachshund also called a doxie, has short legs and a long body. Too much exercise and jumping around can cause spinal issues. 

These pooches come in a miniature size and a medium size. Originally bred to hunt, this dog breed would rather hunt for a cozy nap spot these days. 

Brave and fearless, a Dachshund makes a great companion for apartment living. 

While your doxie needs 20-30 minutes of physical activity a day and a reasonable amount of mental stimulation, they are happy to lie around for the rest of the day. 


This dog breed was originally bred as lapdogs for members of the Chinese royal family. Thus, these dogs don’t have a lot of energy. 

The Pekingese prefer to nap the day away. They have short bow legs, which makes it difficult for them to run. 

In terms of exercise, 20 minutes daily is more than enough physical activity for this pup, and this includes bathroom breaks. 

They aren’t easy to train due to their independent and stubborn personalities. 

Chow Chow

Chow chows are cute and cuddly. They look like teddy bears, after all. 

They are known for wanting to snuggle with their human besties. Physical activity isn’t high on the list of priorities for a chow-chow. 

These dogs have a very thick coat and straight high legs, and these factors make agile movement challenging. 

These dogs are also easily trainable because they are so smart. Originally bred as palace guard dogs, chow chows are reserved and devoted to their people. 


Pomeranians can sometimes be yappy dogs, but they make good guard dogs. When these small dogs aren’t busy alerting you to a visitor at your door, they like to snuggle with you on the couch. 

A Pomeranian is small, so they don’t need a lot of exercises. Ensure you do take your pomeranian out for short walks a couple of times a day. Also, include playtime. 

With their independent streak, a pomeranian can become a demanding dog if spoiled. With training, your pup can stay the angel they are meant to be and continue to steal your affection and attention (within limits!). 

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terriers are also called Yorkies. These pups can be loud, but they are also trainable if you don’t want unnecessary barking. 

They are tiny dogs and are relatively low-energy. While a Yorkie is friendly, they will assert their dominance whenever they can. 

A short walk a few times a day is all these little dog needs. 


A gentle, fun-loving dog that’s good with children, the Havanese likes walks that are slow-paced. 

Playtime is okay but not for long periods. However, this dog breed likes to be your shadow. 

This dog breed was originally bred to be a companion dog, so they love to be pampered and laze around. 

Shih Tzu

Like the Pekingnese, Shih Tzus were supposed to be the ultimate lap dogs since they were originally bred to be gifts for Chinese royalty. 

These small dogs don’t need a lot of exercises. They’ll be happy roaming around your house and going outside for their potty break. 

Other Lazy Dog Breed Alternatives 

Other alternatives for low-energy dogs are: 

  • Saint Bernards 
  • Bernese mountain dogs
  • French bulldogs 
  • English bulldogs 
  • Basset hounds 
  • Great Danes 
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
  • Bullmastiffs 
  • Greyhounds 
  • Chinese crested 
  • Great Pyrenees 
  • Newfoundland 
  • Bolognese 

Are Some Dogs Naturally Lazy?

Technically, no dog is naturally lazy. Dogs have different energy levels and, therefore, different needs. 

A dog that is high energy needs plenty of exercises, and a low-energy dog just needs less exercise. That isn’t to say they don’t need any exercise at all and can just be couch potatoes all day. Just like for a person, lazing around all day, every day is not healthy. 

Most often, dogs also adapt to their dog owners and their lifestyle. If you don’t look after your dog well and give them plenty of exercises, then sure, they will become “lazy” because that is what they learn. 

Dogs do sleep a lot unless they are working dogs and are put to work. If your pooch is “lazier” than normal, something may be wrong. They may have depression or be in pain, scared, or overweight. 

If you are worried, take your dog for a check-up at your vet. 


Dog owners should find the dog breed that fits their lifestyle. Low-energy dogs are mostly gentle giants and low maintenance in terms of how much exercise they need. 

Beware of brachycephalic dog breeds like pugs, Boston terriers, Pekingese, Shih Tzus, chow chows, Japanese chins, and more. 

These dogs should not get a lot of physical activity. If they overheat, their genetic respiratory problems worsen. If you don’t act quickly, they can die. 

Chances are that you are looking for a dog that doesn’t need a lot of exercises, so don’t discount brachycephalic dogs. They are just as cute, cuddly, and loving as the other dogs on this list. 

Happy choosing!

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