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Polish Dog Names – Best Names for Your Dog

Are you trying to pick a perfect dog name for your new pooch? Though fun, choosing an awesome dog name can be trickier than it seems!

Polish dog names can be an excellent choice If you have a Polish dog breed like the Polish Lowland Sheepdog or Polish Tatra Sheepdog. Even if your pooch doesn’t have Polish roots, nothing is stopping you from giving them a Polish dog name! 

If you have Polish heritage, or love Poland, or want to travel there, a Polish dog name can be a great way to show your appreciation for this country! In this article, we’ll share our favorite Polish dog names and their meanings! 

What Is a Good Polish Name for a Dog?

What Is a Good Polish Name for a Dog

Let’s kick start our list with some great male and female Polish dog names! Whether you are looking for an awesome name for a Polish hound or a non-Polish dog breed this list of names and their meanings is bound to get you inspired!

To make the search for the perfect dog name easier, we have separate lists for female dog names and male dog names. Let’s check them out, shall we?

Polish Names for Male Dogs

Listed below are the greatest Polish pet names for male dogs. Read on if you have a male dog!

  • Andrzej – Man, or warrior
  • Artur – Bear-like
  • Aleks – Man’s defender
  • Borys – Warrior
  • Bartosz – Son of Talmai
  • Bartlomiej – Farmer’s son
  • Jacek – Hyacinth flower
  • Jerzy – Swift
  • Juliusz – Youthful
  • Jozef – God increases
  • Lukasz – Light
  • Grzegorz – Watchful or vigilant 
  • Gustaw – God is gracious
  • Gracjan – Grace
  • Tadeusz – Heart
  • Rafal – Healing God
  • Kazimierz – Proclaimer of peace
  • Marek – War-like
  • Radoslaw – Someone who celebrates happiness
  • Marcin – God of war
  • Tobiasz – God is good 
  • Stanislaw – Someone who achieves glory or fame
  • Krzysztof – Christ-bearer
  • Fabian – Bean grower
  • Wiktor – Conqueror
  • Oliwier – Olive tree 
  • Kacper – Treasure keeper 
  • Pawel – Little
  • Tomasz – Twin
  • Milosz – Lover of glory

Female Polish Dog Names

Some of the names listed below are given to Polish girls, but they can also be wonderful names for female dogs! Keep on reading if you have a female puppy. 

  • Alicja – Noble natured
  • Anna – Grace, favor
  • Antonina – Priceless
  • Daria – God’s gift
  • Danica – Morning star 
  • Basia – Foreigner
  • Beata – Blessed
  • Celestyna – Heavenly
  • Czeslawa – Glory
  • Ela – Oak
  • Felka – Lucky, happy
  • Grazyna – Grace, beauty
  • Hanna – Grace, favor
  • Klara – Clear, bright
  • Eliza – My God is an oath
  • Elena – Torch, light
  • Karolina – Freewoman, warrior
  • Marika – Of the sea or bitter
  • Malwina – Friend of justice
  • Melania – Black, dark 
  • Kamila – Perfect
  • Weronika – Bringing victory
  • Katarzyna – Pure
  • Wiktoria – Victory
  • Blanka – The white one
  • Paulina – Little
  • Pola – Poppy 
  • Natalia – Christmas day
  • Michalina – Who is like God
  • Irenka – Peace 

Best Polish Dog Names

If Polish dog names listed above aren’t a good fit for your dog, worry not! Here are some awesome name ideas that may be more suitable for your pooch. 

  • Uroczy – Lovable
  • Aniolku – Little angel
  • Jan – God is gracious
  • Slonko – Brightness of the sun
  • Mateusz – Gift of God
  • Witold – Ruling the forest
  • Kochanie – A dearly loved person
  • Pies – Meaning “dog” in Polish
  • Igor – Warrior 
  • Polska – The name of Polish country in Polish
  • Wilk – Wolf
  • Liliana – Purity, beauty
  • Lidia – Noble one
  • Damian – To tame
  • Kornelia – Horn
  • Wojciech – He who is happy in battle
  • Roksana – Star
  • Malgorzata – Pearl 
  • Iga – Battle, fight
  • Konstanty – Constant, steadfast
  • Ignacy – Fire
  • Arkadiusz – Affectionate and friendly
  • Julian – Young at heart
  • Lucja – Bright
  • Joanna – God is gracious
  • Marta – Lady
  • Jolanta – Violet flower
  • Kalina – Viburnum – a tree with white and pink flowers
  • Mikolaj – Victory of the people
  • Tymoteusz – God’s honor

Popular Polish Dog Names in Poland

Listed below you will find the most popular Polish dog names that are used in Poland. Whether your dog has Polish roots or not, you can’t go wrong by choosing one of these Polish dog names.

  • As
  • Abra
  • Azor
  • Aga
  • Baca
  • Asia
  • Bachor
  • Basia
  • Baron
  • Bera
  • Bandizor
  • Dora
  • Bartek
  • Figa
  • Basior
  • Fryga
  • Bazyl
  • Kaja
  • Bezyk
  • Kasia
  • Bialas
  • Kora
  • Blondas
  • Kropelka
  • Bobik
  • Kropka
  • Bolek
  • Kropla
  • Burek
  • Lala
  • Bos
  • Lalka
  • Budrys 
  • Lila
  • Cezar
  • Maja
  • Chochlik
  • Misia
  • Czarick
  • Mucha
  • Czarek
  • Nana
  • Czarus
  • Nora
  • Diabel
  • Niusia
  • Diablik
  • Perla
  • Dziwak
  • Psotka
  • Fafik
  • Pusia
  • Fiolek
  • Saba
  • Fredzio
  • Sara
  • Goral
  • Sniezka
  • Gucio
  • Harcerz
  • Sniezynka
  • Hrabia
  • Jacus
  • Tara
  • Jurand
  • Kajtek 
  • Zuzia
  • Kaszub
  • Zyta
  • Kleks
  • Gaja
  • Kleksik
  • Krakus
  • Werka
  • Kundel
  • Lolek
  • Maciek
  • Macius
  • Mazur
  • Misio
  • Murzyn
  • Piesek
  • Piesio
  • Pikus
  • Pimpus
  • Pirat
  • Psotek
  • Puszek
  • Pusio
  • Psotnik
  • Reksio
  • Rex
  • Turek
  • Wariat
  • Wojak
  • Wojtek
  • Wojtus
  • Zbojnik
  • Zuch
  • Zuszek
  • Zulik

Polish Dog Names Inspired by Cities, Locations, & Landmarks

Polish Dog Names Inspired by Cities

Poland is a gorgeous country with many interesting places and locations to visit. If you ever visited Poland, you may find it fitting to name your new pooch after a city or a place you visited there.

Even if you’ve never been to Poland, you can still use a name from this list for your pooch. Who knows, maybe you’ll take your dog with you the first time you travel to Poland! 

Without further due, here’s the list of cool dog names inspired by Polish cities, landmarks, and locations. 

  • Warsaw – This is the Polish capital and at the same time the largest city in Poland.
  • Rysy – Is a mountain in the eastern part of the Tatra mountains, lying on the border between Slovakia and Poland.
  • Wieliczka – A town near Krakow, best known for its 13th-century salt mine.
  • Vistula – This is the longest river in Poland and the 9th longest river in Europe.
  • Bledow – Meaning “mistake” is a desert area filled with sand between Bledow and the villages of Checholo and Klucze.
  • Bialowieza – One of the last and largest parts of the ancient forest that stretched across the European Plain.  
  • Biebrza – This is a river in northeastern Poland.
  • Wroclaw – Is a city on the Oder river, in western Poland. Historically, this city was the capital of Lower Silesia and is now the capital of Lower Silesian Voivodeship.
  • Wawel – This is a famous castle residence located in central Krakow. Interestingly, the Wawel Royal Castle is the first UNESCO World Heritage site in the world. 
  • Tatra – The Tatra mountain range is a part of the Carpathian mountain chain and creates a natural border between Poland and Slovakia.
  • Lublin – Is the 9th largest city in Poland best known for its old town. 
  • Poznan – This city is located in western-central Poland and sits on the river Warta.
  • Krakow – Traditionally known as Cracow, Krakow is the second-largest city in Poland. It’s also one of the oldest cities in Poland with a history of 1000 years. 
  • Polesie – Polesia is one of the largest forest areas on the European continent. This region is so enormous that it encompasses areas in Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia. 

What Is the Most Popular Dog Name in Poland?

The most popular dog name in Poland is Burek. Burek or borek is a type of filled pastry made from thin, flaky dough such as filo and a variety of fillings such as meat, cheese, potatoes, or spinach.

Burek is a popular dish in countries that were under the former Ottoman empire, including the Balkans, Eastern European, and Central European countries. Since burek is still a popular dish in Poland it’s no surprise that so many Poles are using it as a cute and funny name for their dogs.

Things to Consider When Naming Your Dog in Polish

Whether you are choosing a name for a new puppy or for an adult adopted dog, a lot goes into picking the perfect dog name. When choosing a name for your dog take into account your personality as well as your dog’s to find the best moniker for your new furball.

There are so many amazing Polish dog names, so choosing one can be easier said than done! When picking out a name for your dog, here are some things you need to consider:

  • Once you have a list of potential Polish dog names, test them out first. Saying the name in a variety of different tones can help you see how easy it is to pronounce in different situations. If you’re having a hard time pronouncing a name, remove it from the list and try another one.
  • To get your dog to respond to its new name, you’ll need to keep it simple and short (source). When choosing a Polish dog name, stick with shorter, one or two-syllable names that will be easy for your dog to understand. 
  • Make sure that the name you choose is something you are willing to call out publicly. If you aren’t willing to yell “Pierogi come here” in front of other dog owners in the park, then this isn’t the right name for your dog! 


Polish dog names are a great choice for any type of dog and aren’t exclusively reserved for Polish dog breeds. Whether you are looking for a dog name for a Chihuahua, Polish hound, or Golden Retriever a Polish dog name can do the trick.

When choosing the perfect name for your pooch take their personality and physical appearance into consideration. Don’t forget to test the name to see if you can pronounce it easily when calling it out to your dog.

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