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Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix – Complete Guide 2023

The Pomeranian Chihuahua mix is one of the smallest and cutest designer dog breeds. Though small in size, Pomchis have larger-than-life personalities and endless supplies of sass. 

But are Pomchis good dogs? People-oriented and attention-loving Pomchis are wonderful dogs and make great companions to active people. Besides being an energetic and playful companion, the Pomeranian Chihuahua mix can also serve as a watchdog. The Pom Chi is a big barker that will alert you if something seems suspicious. 

Step right up if you are looking for a lively, affectionate, and apartment-friendly canine companion! In this article, we’ll tell you more about this designer breed and help you decide whether Pomchi is the ideal dog for you!

What Is a Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix?

The Pomeranian Chihuahua mix is a crossbreed, developed by breeding a purebred Pomeranian with a purebred Chihuahua. Although both parent breeds are recognized by the American Kennel Club, the Pomchi isn’t a purebred dog.

Pomchis go by several names, including Chi-Pom, Pomahuahua, Chimeranian, and Pom-Chi. Although a designer dog, this mix is recognized by the following organizations:

  • American Canine Hybrid Club
  • Designer Breed Registry
  • International Designer Canine Registry
  • Designer Dogs Kennel Club
  • Pomchi Club of America
  • Dog Registry of America, Inc

Brief History

The Chihuahua Pomeranian mix may have existed naturally over the years. However, it wasn’t until the late 1990s and early 2000s that designer breeders started deliberately mixing Chihuahuas and Pomeranians.

It’s most likely that the increased demand for designer dogs prompted designer breeders to mix these two breeds and create a cute-looking and apartment-friendly companion dog. As demand for these small dogs grew, breeders continued to produce more Pomchis. 


The Pomeranian is descended from the larger Spitz-type dogs, mainly the German Spitz. Although Poms are one of the smaller dogs, they know how to take charge and can be excellent watchdogs and lively companions.


Hailing from Mexico, the tiny Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world. But don’t let their petite size fool you! Chis are lively, courageous, protective, and alert dogs that make great watchdogs and urban dwellers. 

Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix

When you mix these two small breeds you get a Pomchi –  a small-sized, but lively canine that makes a wonderful companion and a watchdog. Moderately active Pomchis don’t need intense exercise and are a great choice for less active people, seniors, or families with older kids looking for a fluffy lap dog. 

Characteristics of a Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix

Chacteristics of a Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix

Since both Chihuahuas and Pomeranians are members of the toy dog group, it’s safe to say that their offspring will be the smaller size (source). Pomchis have finely-boned bodies, short but strong legs, and semi-curled fluffy tails.

Most of these pooches have an almost fox-like appearance with little erect and furry ears and expressive round eyes. 

Pomchi Highlights: 

SizeToy size
Weight4-12 pounds
Height6-10 inches
Coat TypeLong, double coat
SheddingModerate shedding
Energy LevelModerately energetic
Overall HealthVery good
Lifespan12-18 years


Adult Pomchis will grow on average from six to 10 inches tall at the withers. Males tend to be slightly taller than female dogs.


The Pomeranian Chihuahua mix on average weighs from four to 12 pounds. Since females are smaller, they typically weigh from four to 10 pounds. Males, on the other hand, generally weigh from six to 12 pounds.

Coat Color

Since both Chihuahuas and Pomeranians come in a wide range of colors, it’s not surprising that their mix can sport a variety of different color combinations. Most Pomskis have solid-colored coats, but they can also have a mix of two or more colors.

The most common Pomchi coat colors are:

  • Sable
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Tan 
  • Cream
  • White
  • Grey


Pomchis usually have long double coats that shed moderately all year round and also shed profusely during the shedding season. Needless to say, this mixed breed dog isn’t a good choice for asthma and allergy sufferers. 

It’s worth noting that Pomchis don’t fare well in extreme cold, despite having fluffy coats. Due to their tiny size, these pooches are easily chilled so get your mix a padded dog jacket to keep them warm during cold winter months. 


The Pomeranian Chihuahua mix might be small in size, but they have larger-than-life personalities! Often described as sassy, lively, and energetic, Pomchis love to be the center of attention.

These attention-loving pooches love to be involved in all family activities and enjoy spending time with their owners. While they tend to pick a favorite person, whom they follow everywhere, Pomchis will also love to spend time with other family members.

Despite being energetic and spunky, these tiny pooches also love to cuddle and make ideal lap dogs! If you are looking for an affectionate and lively mix that won’t leave your side the Pomchi is an ideal choice!

While their size won’t scare any intruder, Pomchis are good watchdogs that will alert you if anything seems amiss. Being quiet, though, is one thing these dogs aren’t good at!

This mixed-breed has a tendency to become yappy, and their shrill voices may be more than you can bear! Training your mix from a young age can help you preserve your sanity and curb excessive barking (source).

Pomchis are often more courageous than their significantly bigger counterparts which can put them in a lot of trouble with other dogs. Start socializing your mix as soon as you bring them home to prevent them from becoming aggressive towards other dogs.

These small dogs don’t like to be home alone. This is something to keep in mind if you decide to welcome a Pomeranian Chihuahua mix into your home. 

Pet Friendly

When properly socialized from puppyhood, Pomchis can get along with other household pets, but they must be introduced slowly. Having said that, being a Chihuahua mix, many Pomchis prefer being the sole pets of the household and won’t tolerate sharing their owners with anybody else.

Child Friendly

Since the Pomeranian Chihuahua mix is a small dog, they can easily get injured by rambunctious toddlers. Due to that, Pomchis tend to prefer the company of adults and older children who know how to play and interact with a small dog without injuring it. 

Having said that, this mix can be a great companion for children who know how to approach, interact, and play with a small dog. 

Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix Care

Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix Care

The Pomeranian Chihuahua mix needs a dedicated owner and a lot of love and attention to thrive and stay happy and healthy. Create a care routine as soon as you bring your mix home and stick to it for the rest of your dog’s life. In terms of care, pay attention to:

Health Risks

The Pomeranian Chihuahua mix is considered a generally healthy breed. Nevertheless, they can still inherit certain health issues that are seen in their parent breeds.  

The most common health problems seen in this mix are:

  • Patellar luxation
  • Tracheal collapse
  • Dental issues
  • Cataracts
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Epilepsy

While this may seem like a lot of health problems, the Chihuahua Pomeranian mix is a long-lived dog with an average lifespan of 12-18 years. Keep up with your dog’s veterinary check-ups to catch any potential health issues early on. 

Grooming and Maintenance

Most Pomchis have long double coats, although some may inherit the Chihuahua’s shorter coat. Regardless of the type, you’ll have to brush your mix at least twice a week to remove loose hair and distribute skin oils through the length of fur. 

Being a Pomeranian mix, the Pomchi sheds moderately all year round and will go through a heavier shed during spring and fall. To minimize the shedding, brush your pooch more often and consider using a de-shedding tool to remove as much loose hair as possible. 

Bathe your mix every two months or less often, using a shampoo and conditioner, to keep their coat soft and shiny. Bating more often than that can cause dry and itchy skin and a dull-looking coat, so don’t overdo it!

One thing you should really pay attention to is your dog’s oral hygiene. Pomchis are at higher risk of developing dental problems and gum disease, so brush your dog’s teeth every day using an enzymatic toothpaste and a dog toothbrush. 

Don’t forget to trim your Pomchi’s nails every two weeks or when you hear them clicking on the floor. You should also inspect your dog’s ears once a week for waxy build-up and dirt and clean them as necessary. 

Food or Diet

An ideal diet for the Pomeranian Chihuahua mix should be formulated for a small size dog with moderate energy. The best food for your dog will have high levels of protein and fat, moderate carbs, and all essential vitamins and minerals that support overall health.

Since Pomchis can easily gain weight when overfed, stick to a regular feeding schedule and avoid leaving food out for your dog to free-feed all day. Keep track of the number of treats you are doling out to your pooch as they too can contribute to weight gain. 

Training and Exercise

Like most other small dogs, Pomchis don’t need a lot of exercises. At least 30 minutes of outdoor time is enough to keep your mix exercised and in good shape.

A one longer and a few shorter walks combined with several play sessions throughout the day is all this mix needs to stay happy and exercised. Take your pooch to the doggy park or play fetch in your backyard to keep them physically and mentally challenged.

Although intelligent, Pomchis can be stubborn at times which makes training a challenge, especially for novice owners. Be warned, training this mix will test your patience more than once, but you must persevere!

Keep the training sessions short and sweet to pique your dog’s interest in training and stick to positive reinforcement methods. Use tasty treats and verbal praise as rewards whenever your mix obeys your command, and then simply rinse and repeat.


Due to their small size and outgoing natures, Pomchis should live indoors with their human families. These pooches can easily get chilled in colder temperatures and should never be kept outdoors in a kennel or a dog house.

The Pomeranian Chihuahua mix can live happily in a tiny condo or a huge mansion, as long as they get to spend enough time with you.

Where to Get a Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix?

As with any other dog, there are only two ways you can welcome a Pomeranian Chihuahua mix into your home – either adopt or shop!

Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix Breeders

The Pomchi is an increasingly popular designer breed, so you shouldn’t have a hard time locating a reputable breeder. Take some time researching different breeders so you can be completely sure that the breeder you’re dealing with is ethical and has the puppy’s best interests at heart. 

Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix Price

Pomchi puppies on average cost from $500 to $1500 from a reputable breeder. Various factors, including the breeder, lineage, coat color, and supply and demand can affect the puppy’s price. 

Having said that, a well-bred Pomchi puppy with championship lineage can set you back up to $5000, or more!


If you aren’t ready to shell out so much money on a puppy, you can always adopt a Pomchi from a shelter or a rescue organization. Although designer dogs, Pomchis too end up abandoned and in the care of shelters and rescues all across the country.

Contact your local shelter and rescue organizations to see if they have any Pomchis for adoption. To increase the likelihood of finding the dog of your dreams check Pomeranian and Chihuahua breed-specific rescue organizations since they often take in mixes as well. 


While small in size, the Pomeranian Chihuahua mix has a gregarious personality. Attention-loving, lively, and courageous, these tiny pooches make excellent watchdogs. While their size won’t scare anyone, their shrill yaps are more effective than any house security system.

If you are looking for an affectionate and energetic lap dog that won’t ever leave your side, the Pomchi is a perfect choice! However, if you value your privacy and don’t have the time or patience to train a stubborn dog, the Pomchi isn’t the dog for you!

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