Top 21 Questions by Dog Owners

In running this website, dedicated to information and resources for dog owners including behavioral/training information, dog toy reviews, and much more, we’re consistently asked certain questions. In light of this we figured we’d do a series on the top 50 things that concern dog owners (or the questions dog owners most ask).

In the coming days and weeks we’ll be elaborating on each of these.

Some common questions by dog owners that they may be frustrated with, need help with, or are searching for when it comes to caring for their animal:

Top 21 Questions by Dog Owners

  1. House training: Difficulty in getting a dog to eliminate in appropriate areas.
  2. Chewing: Excessive or destructive chewing on household items.
  3. Jumping: Dogs jumping up on people or furniture.
  4. Separation anxiety: Difficulty in leaving the dog alone without them showing signs of distress.
  5. Leash pulling: Dogs pulling on the leash during walks.
  6. Aggression: Aggression towards people or other animals.
  7. Barking: Excessive barking or whining.
  8. Digging: Excessive digging in the yard or in the house.
  9. Destructive behavior: Dogs damaging or destroying household items.
  10. Picky eating: Difficulty in getting a dog to eat or only eating certain types of food.
  11. Fearfulness: Dogs showing fear or anxiety in certain situations.
  12. Excitability: Dogs being overly excited and hard to calm down.
  13. Stealing food: Dogs taking food or stealing food from counters or tables.
  14. Licking: Excessive licking of people or objects
  15. Training: Difficulty in training the dog to follow commands
  16. Shedding: Dogs shedding excessively
  17. Obesity: dogs that are overweight or obese.
  18. Allergies: Dogs with food or environmental allergies
  19. Fleas and ticks: Dogs that have flea and tick infestations.
  20. Dental care: difficulty in maintaining good oral health for dogs.
  21. Skin issues: Dogs with skin problems & how to solve them.

Those are the top Questions for Dog Owners we’ve assembled for now. For additional information and details on each of the above 21 issues/questions/problems when it comes to raising your furry companion, stay tuned. In the meantime here’s an excellent resource from AKC on dealing with barking problems with your dog.