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Stores that Allow Dogs – Dog-Friendly Stores 2023

Are you about to head out to the store when your dog gives you sad eyes? If you hate the idea of leaving your pup alone and can’t call a pet sitter, bring your dog shopping with you.

Due to health codes and regulations, grocery stores and other food-serving establishments typically don’t allow dogs. However, many stores allow dogs, whether they are service animals or family pets.

Though you may not be able to take your dog to every store, it’s good to know which stores are pet-friendly. This way, you’ll know where dogs are allowed when you decide to take your dog shopping.

In this article, we’ll share the top dog-friendly stores in the USA and tips for taking a dog shopping. Keep reading to get prepared for a shopping spree with your pup. 

Top 10 Stores that Allows Dogs in the US

Stores that Allows Dogs in the US

Before taking a dog shopping, make sure you’re familiar with the store’s rules and pet policy. If you know which stores you plan to visit, it’s good to contact the store ahead for more details regarding the pet policy in their location. 

Some stores may list dog-friendly policies online, but it’s always better to double-check if that information is still up-to-date. 

Take a look at the top 10 dog-friendly stores that open their doors to dogs and their owners. 

1. Petco

Petco and pretty much all other pet stores allow dogs inside. After all, pet stores are full of delicious dog food and treat, and there are also many other cute and fun dog accessories to choose from. 

All dogs in Petco must be kept on a leash or in a carrier, and be current on their vaccinations. The staff won’t likely ask you for proof of immunization, but consider having it saved on your phone in case they do ask.

2. PetSmart

PetSmart is another dog-friendly store that will welcome your pooch with open hands. All PetSmart stores allow dogs that are kept on a leash or in a carrier. 

Make sure that your dog is properly socialized because you’ll likely come across many other dogs while shopping for kibble and treats. 

3. Tractor Supply Company

Tractor Supply Company is a retail chain that sells everything from clothing, farm, and ranch supplies to pet care products. Whether you’re in the middle of home improvements or are shopping for clothes, you can take your dog to Tractor Supply Company.

Dogs are allowed to accompany their owners in all Tractor Supply Company stores as long as they are kept on a leash.

4. Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops is a privately owned retailer specializing in hunting, fishing, hiking, and other outdoor goods. If you’re a fan of outdoor adventures, you’ll likely need some equipment for your next trip into the wild.

The good news is that all Bass Pro Shops allow dogs inside as long as they are on a close leash, vaccinated, and well-behaved. This pet-friendly store also has special Dog Days events where they hand out prizes and treats for your canine companion.

5. Orvis

Orvis has retail stores across the U.S, and they sell everything from hunting gear, home furnishings, men’s and women’s clothing, and more. They also have an assortment of pet care products such as collars, leashes, bowls, and dog beds.

All Orvis stores are dog-friendly, and they allow both family pets and service dogs inside. If you sign up for the store’s Dog program, you’ll get a surprise gift, plus you’ll earn points when you buy supplies from Orvis.

6. Bed, Bath and Beyond

A visit to Bed, Bath, and Beyond is a must if you’re moving or fixing your home. This popular store also sells various pet supplies like mats and memory foam beds for pets. 

At some point, these pet-friendly stores offered canine carts in chosen locations. While the carts are no longer available, Bed, Bath, and Beyond allows all leashed and well-behaved dogs to shop with their owners. 

7. Cabela’s

Cabela’s is all about hunting, fishing, camping, shooting gear, or anything else you might need for your next big adventure. All Cabela’s stores are pet friendly.

Leashed dogs are allowed to accompany their owners in all Cabela’s stores except where specifically prohibited by state or local laws. Call the store you’re planning on visiting with your dog if you’re unsure if there are any legal restrictions to the regular pet policy.

8. L.L. Bean

Besides men’s and women’s clothing, L.L. Bean sells home equipment and pet accessories. Their pet-friendly stores allow dogs inside as long as they are leashed and well-behaved. 

The only exception to their pet-friendly policy is their store in Freeport, Maine. This store has a café, so they can’t welcome pet dogs inside. However, they offer a large grassy area outside so your dog can have some fun if you’ve come with a friend or family who can watch your dog while you’re in the store.

9. Nordstrom

Whether you’re shopping for a new dress or shoes, your pooch can accompany you at Nordstrom stores which have been pet-friendly for more than 30 years. 

As long as you keep your dog on the leash and it behaves nicely, it can keep you company while you’re browsing through the new spring collection. 

Nordstrom also sells dogs accessories, so you can always treat your pet with a new leash, collar, sweater, or a comfortable bed. 

10. Barns & Noble

If you’re a fan of books, you probably wondered whether Barns & Noble allows dogs inside? Each store follows the local health codes for their country or state, so always contact your local store for more details. 

Many Barns & Noble have cafes either inside or attached, restricting your dog’s access to the store. 

Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Stores

Before you get ready and head out shopping, you’ll need to determine whether your dog is ready for shopping or not. Regardless of the store you want to visit, your pup will have to follow certain rules, so you should be prepared in advance. 

Here are some helpful tips for a stress-free shopping experience:

  • Keep in mind that not all dogs should go to stores and that some dogs won’t have a fun experience. If your dog shows signs of stress, anxiety, fear, or is easily distracted, turn around and go home. Think of another fun activity you can do with your dog instead of shopping.
  • A dog must know basic obedience commands and be properly socialized to be in a store with unfamiliar people and potentially other dogs. If you’re still teaching your dog basic commands like sit, leave it, heel, and let’s go, it’s better to leave your pup at home until its training is complete. 
  • Pet-friendly stores that allow dogs require that all dogs are kept on a short leash. This means that your dog needs to know how to walk on a leash without pulling. It’s also important that your dog feels comfortable on a leash.
  • Pack a collapsible water bowl and treats to ensure your dog stays hydrated, regardless of how much time you spend shopping. 
  • Before you head out shopping, take your dog for a walk so it can go potty before going inside the store. Keep a close eye on your dog while shopping and take it outside if it shows signs that it needs to pee or poop again.
  • Don’t forget to pack poop bags, wipes, and a hand sanitizer if your pup has an accident in the store. If this happens, clean after your dog and don’t leave any mess behind. 
  • Don’t forget to call the store first. Rules change, and there’s no harm in calling to see if your dog is welcomed in a store. While a retail chain may welcome your dog at one location, another location of the same store might have a strict no-pet policy.  
  • While most stores don’t ask for proof of vaccination, you should have a record on your phone if a staff member asks for it.


If you want to shop with your dog, the good news is that well-behaved and leashed dogs are welcomed at many stores. The number of pet-friendly stores is constantly increasing, and you can now take your pup when shopping for clothes, tools, home equipment, as well as in any pet store. 

Before you head out for a fun shopping day, make sure that your dog will enjoy it as much as you. Dogs that might feel anxious and stressed in crowds or pups still undergoing training should be left at home. 

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